Brothers by The Black Keys

8 August 2019

Let the Black Keys be “Your Everlasting Light”
Brothers by the Black Keys

The Black Keys’ sixth album brings a new sound, straying you away from their usual garage-rock music and enamors you with each listen. Brothers introduces a marvelous and well-combined touch of blues and soul. The two-man duo shows off their talent on their new album; adding hig¬her-pitched vocals to their tracks and incorporating different sounds to their tracks.

Brothers by The Black Keys Essay Example

“Brothers” was released on May 18, 2010 after a year of disagreement of the band. Their previous album, “Attack and Release”, which was released on April 1st, 2008, contained a more of a garage-greasy-rock feeling to it. A year after their argument, they came to their senses and decided to make an album that played a tribute to their years of friendship.

The album starts with Everlasting Light with guitarist and vocalist, Dan Auerbach, who sets forth more high-pitched vocals than what he usually sings. Their third track “Tighten Up” contains a deep vive with more catchy unforgettable melodic sound. Their last track These Days, however, possesses more a soulful sound and ends the album in a lovely downer mood with the lines “The little house on Ellis Drive is where I felt the most alive. The oak tree covered, that old Ford. I miss it, Lord” bringing you in a resentful state of mind.

Brothers flushes out with different moods and keeps you interested as it appeals to the ears. In fact, it contains different combinations of music that could catch the heart of anyone.

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