Bruce Lee Essay Research Paper Bruce Lee

9 September 2017

Bruce Lee Essay, Research Paper

Bruce Lee Essay Research Paper Bruce Lee Essay Example

Bruce Lee ( Enter the Dragon )

I chose to make my picture study on the fable, Bruce Lee. The life was on A & A ; E at 10:00 Sunday February 1, 1998. It told the astonishing life of perchance the greatest soldierly creative person of all time. He was a adult male filled with endowment. Unfortunately, he died at a really immature age. Here is his narrative.

Bruce Lee is my personal favourite soldierly creative person of all clip. His physical ability was genuinely astonishing and fascinating. He was besides gifted in the countries of doctrine, instruction, and film devising. It? s difficult to conceive of a adult male of his size making the things he did. I admire his accomplishments to the greatest grade. I truly wish that I could make any of the things that he made expression so easy. The universe truly lost a good individual in Bruce. We will ever retrieve him.

On the forenoon of November 27, 1940 ( in the Chinese twelvemonth of the Dragon ) , Lee Jun Fan was born in San Francisco. The female parent, Grace had non planned on an American name, and the male parent, at the clip, was executing a popular Chinese opera in New York. So it was one of the Hospital employees who thought of the name Bruce. The female parent concurred and from so on it was Bruce Lee. A fable was born. Shortly subsequently, the household returned to Hong Kong.

Bruce? s Hong Kong movie calling began when he was merely six old ages old. The manager of his male parent? s latest movie saw him on the set and was so impressed that he offered him a portion in his male parent? s movie. This was the beginning, taking to over 20 gesture image functions and steadily increasing popularity among Hong Kong audiences.

Bruce started developing in the soldierly humanistic disciplines chiefly to get the better of his fright of being humiliated in a street battle. As a adolescent he began to acquire into more and more battles for no ground at all. And if he didn? T win, he was ferocious. As a consequence, under the great maestro Yip Man? s Wing Chun ( intending? beautiful springtime? ) instructions, Bruce became a adept soldierly creative person, non to advert a feared street combatant. However, Bruce really had more than one instructor. As clip went by, Bruce grew. His enthusiasm towards soldierly humanistic disciplines was more evident. He was immature, energetic, and competitory. He shortly became acquainted with Wing-chun? s basic Kung Fu. Since he was really clever, Mr. Yip loved him really much and taught him many secret techniques in Win Chun Kung Fu. He became an expert in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

When Bruce was about 14, he discovered that? dancing? could be a great trade of merriment. He had a existent Bent for it and quickly became rather polished, ne’er missing eager spouses. Much of the balance and footwork became apparent in his ulterior combat manner. His favourite was the Cha Cha, and he spent many hours practising highly complex dance modus operandis. He finally became the Hong Kong Cha Cha Champion.

At the age of 19, Bruce was going more and more involved in street combat. So in 1959, his parents make up one’s mind to direct him to populate with friends in the United States, where he would complete high school. While eating house? s loft in exchange for his services as a waiter’s assistant and server. Bruce finished high school and went on to college. By twenty-four hours he attended the University of Washington and darks he was working in the eating house. After a few months of this, he decided that this life style was non for him. He quit his occupation at the eating house and began learning Kung Fu. At the age of 22, Bruce authored an highly alone text, which he titled? Chinese Kung Fu: The Philosophical Art of SELF-DEFENSE. ? This book reflected his preoccupation with religious every bit good as physical development.

Before Bruce finished his Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, he met Linda Emery, a reasonably light-haired coed, enrolled in his category and in 1964 they were married. Shortly subsequently, they moved to California. In 1965, Bruce? s boy, Brandon, was born. A twosome old ages subsequently his girl Shannon was born.

When Bruce debuted to the universe giving a presentation of Martial Arts at Ed Parker? s 1964 Internationals, Ed was acquiring it all down on movie. Fate intervened a few old ages subsequently while Ed was learning Jay Sebring ( one of the people subsequently killed along with Sharon Tate in the Sharon Tate slayings ) . Jay mentioned that his friend Bill Dozier ( the manufacturer of? Batman 1966 T.V. series? ) had bought the rights to the? Green Hornet? and needed a Kato. Parker showed Dozier the movie on Bruce and the remainder is history. As Kato on the popular T.V. series? The Green Hornet? , Bruce introduced 1000000s to the beauty, creativeness, and power of the soldierly humanistic disciplines.

Bruce felt certain that? The Green Hornet? was traveling to be his? Big Break, ? but after the series went off the air after merely one season, Bruce found that parts naming for Orientals were few and far between. He l

anded a little function in? Marlowe, ? a characteristic movie starring James Garner, and besides appeared in a few episodes of? Longstreet, ? a telecasting series starring James Franciscus, but for the most portion, his calling was traveling nowhere. Then, he decided to open up three Knoons ( schools ) designed for merely the most serious of soldierly humanistic disciplines pupils. It was here that he developed and taught what was to go JEET KUNE DO. Which he had a group of pupils like Steve McQueen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Coburn, and Dan Inosanto.

In the U.S. , Bruce knew many good friends in the field of soldierly humanistic disciplines. One of them was an expert in the nunchaku and Ka-li- Mr. Dan Inosanto. They exchanged their techniques. In a short piece, Bruce grasped the indispensable points in the usage of the nunchaku and Ka-li. The beginning of the 1970ss saw Bruce passing more and more clip between Hollywood and Hong Kong. Offers began pouring in from many different beginnings and he was continually in theodolite tautening up committednesss and reconnoitering locations for future undertakings. In changeless demand, his fees escalated consequently to such astronomical rates as

$ 275.00 per hr. However, the prolongation of Jeet Kune Do was still really of import to him, so before he embarked for good on his glamourous new profession abroad, he turned the duty of his instruction over to his caput teacher and friend, Dan Inosanto.

After the? Green Hornet? and? Longstreet? telecasting series, Bruce was asked to star in the telecasting series? Kung-Fu. ? Bruce thought about it but decided that he wasn? t a good adequate histrion for the American market at the clip. Alternatively, he went to Hong Kong to do a series of action films, which propelled him into international superstardom. As clip went on, Bruce was determined to upgrade his movies. Finally, he incorporated his doctrine and Jeet Kune Do into his movies. Bruce Lee merely made four movies about soldierly humanistic disciplines and another one incomplete ( Game of Death ) .

The first movie was? The Big Boss? . It was a typical low budget? chop-suey? movie. Bruce was loath to hold this movie shown in the western market because of its deficiency of edification. His personal appeal and soldierly humanistic disciplines ability overshadowed any defects in the movie and immediately catapulted him to superstar position.

The 2nd movie was? The Chinese Connection? . With the box office success of? The Big Boss? behind him, Bruce asserted himself in each succeeding movie. In this film, his battle scenes were unflawed and credible. His simple and direct combat manner of Jeet Kune Do would put the criterion for all soldierly humanistic disciplines movies to come.

Bruce? s 3rd movie was? Return of The Dragon? , or originally titled? Way of The Dragon? . It was a entire Bruce Lee production. He wrote it, directed it, cast it, and chose the locations. It was unheard of for a Chinese production company to travel the disbursal of shooting in the celebrated Coliseum in Rome. Chuck Norris, the celebrated American soldierly creative person, was flown in to do the battle scenes still more exciting and to give this movie a true international spirit.

Bruce? s 4th movie was? Enter the Dragon? . It is considered by many to be the ultimate soldierly humanistic disciplines movie of all clip. Major gesture image stars along with American filming techniques were featured. Bruce besides showed his arms ability with the nunchaku and the Filipino dual sticks. This was besides the lone movie utilizing his ain voice in English.

The concluding movie in Bruce? s calling was? The Game of Death? . It was to be his coronating accomplishment and would hold been if he were about to finish it. He wanted to demo his gratitude to his former pupils and teachers by including them in this movie. Dan Inosanto was his Filipino-Style opposition, Taky Kimura, unable to go to, was to hold been his feeding mantid opposition, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was his unknown manner opposition.

The fortunes environing Bruce Lee? s decease on July 30, 1973 unleashed a storm of discontent which swept across Asia, and throughout the remainder of the universe, go forthing in its aftermath a tangled clutter of claims and counterclaims sing the causes of his death. His physical fittingness was excessively good known for people to accept that he might hold merely died of natural causes.

One twenty-four hours, Bruce had complained of a concern, so a friend and actress Betty Ting Pei gave him and aspirin compound that she had used. When Bruce? s manufacturer, Raymond Chow, came back subsequently to look into on him, he found him unresponsive. They called for an ambulance, but Bruce was dead upon reaching at the infirmary. Bruce Lee was buried in Lake View Cemetery in Seattle. He died at the immature age of 32. The universe had lost a great individual every bit good as a great creative person.


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