Brutus V. Cassius Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a narrative of the short rise and autumn of a swayer and the confederacy linked to it. Julius Caesar is shortly to be crown male monarch of Rome after get the better ofing military commanding officer. Pompey. One of the close Alliess of Julius. Cassius frights of Rome being under regulation of a adult male that in truth doesn’t like and wants to take him down. Cassius gathers others near to Julius to make this program to convey Caesar down. Cassius tries difficult to enroll one adult male who he believes would be perfect for the confederacy: Marcus Brutus. a adult male who is known for the baronial workss of him and his ascendants. After much of a inner and outer strangle for Brutus to see this. he goes along with the program and so seems to over take most of Cassius’s place. The plotters take Caesar to the capitol. where he is to be murdered. and Caesar utters the ill-famed words: “Et tu. Brute? ” . The plotters rejoice in the title and are so subsequently met with Antony as they eventually agree to swear him. Antony. Caesar’s right manus adult male. is broken by the sight of Caesar’s dead organic structure.

When the plotters leave to capitol. Brutus and Antony start to give their addresss and expose Caesar’s organic structure. Brutus’s address defends the plotters and the slaying and for a minute. he has won over the people. But. Antony’s dramatic address overwhelms the civilians and now has them against the plotters and this starts the civil war. It is a war for the power and fait of Rome where it is Antony and Octavius’s ( Caesar’s nephew and would be heir ) versus the ground forces of Brutus and Cassius. And like all calamities. terminals with decease of those of Brutus and Cassius. These two work forces. who fought courageously and closely. decease together. While they both portion the thrust for the blackwash. Brutus and Cassius couldn’t be any more different. When comparing Brutus and Cassius. we see how their personalities and ethical motives are really different. Brutus. while known for his award and aristocracy every bit good as that of his ascendants. is frequently rather naif. He tends to believe in abstract footings and believe that that would account for the blackwash.

With Cassius. he does hold a spot of a misanthropic motivation for the blackwash of Caesar but Cassius. unlike Brutus. has a great ability to read others and a cognition for human nature. In add-on. Cassius has a really speedy pique ( IV. three. 39-47 ) while Brutus is the 1 to believe things through more ( but unluckily. his birth deceives him ) . Sing the blackwash secret plan. the motivations of the work forces differ. While both do acknowledge some aspiration Caesar had and saw this as a menace. once more the motivations are still different. Brutus says that the blackwash is for the good of Rome ( which. Cassius does “claim” every bit good when seeking to win over Brutus ) and harmonizing to the “anonymous” letters. that it was the will of the people as good. But. Cassius wants to kill Caesar out of a pure hatred for Caesar’s personality and and is besides leery in the eyes of Caesar so now he will utilize Brutus to acquire closer to Caesar: “Caesar doth bear me difficult. but he loves Brutus. ” ( I. two. 313 ) . Now. we jump to the point where Brutus has joined the confederacy. Here. we can see the two proving leading.

Even though Cassius was the one to form and be after the blackwash. Once Brutus articulations. he takes clasp of the program and overturning Cassius. When doing determinations. most of the plotters side with Brutus. For illustration. Cassius suggested that the plotters take an curse. but Brutus disagreed because he deemed it unneeded ( II. I. 115-119 ) . In add-on. Brutus besides had the concluding say on whether they should swear and allow Antony populate. stating that killing Antony would be. Now. one could take this dorsum to the contrast of the two’s personalities and how this show’s Cassius’s cognition of human nature ( with his sentiment of killing Antony because he doesn’t trust him ) and Brutus’s birth for liberating Antony who so goes on a program to kill the plotters. Because of this competition for leading between Cassius and Brutus. this creates an mute tenseness for them that is ne’er resolved. And take note how Brutus seems to command Cassius more throughout the drama. As we near towards the civil war. we can see how the work forces are taking their choler out and demo their true personalities. Cassius and Brutus argument of on how payoffs have come into drama.

Cassius. is shocked that Brutus would impeach him of such things ( “itching palm” ) and Cassius lets his speedy pique fly. Cassius. throws many menaces at Brutus but. until Cassius. Brutus ignores the menaces and abuses. But. the two work forces finally make up and rekindle the friendly relationship once more. but still experience the contempt of this battle and tenseness that has built up. Nearing towards the terminal of the drama. Brutus states his sentiment of self-destruction stating that he believes it’s cowardly but Cassius see it otherwise and he himself commits suicide in a belief that he is losing the conflict. Subsequently on. Brutus discovers the decease of his beloved friend and retracts on his earlier sentiment and commits suicide every bit good. This one time difference. turns into a similarity of deceasing under much heartache and guilt. When seeking to compare the two. on the surface and personality are about polar antonym. But could it be deep down indoors that they are similar? Is it the differences or the subconscious similarities that keep these two friends? Despite the obvious differences of these two work forces. they still have similarities at bosom. Even through all the discord that this event has caused them. their friendly relationship still stayed strong and integral until the terminal. In a morbid manner. these two already close work forces have been brought closer for the intent of killing a adult male.

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