1 January 2018

The Loco’s were a radical faction of the Democratic Party that existed from 1835 until the mid-asses. ;The faction was originally named the Equal Rights Party, and was created in New York City as a protest against that city regular Democratic organization “Tammany Hall”. In general, Loco’s supported Andrew Jackson and Van Burden, and Were for free trade, greater circulation of specie, legal protections for labor unions and against paper money, financial speculation, and state banks.

Specie Circular ; The Specie Circular, or Coinage Act, was an executive order issued by U. S. President Andrew Jackson in 1836 and carried out by succeeding President Martin Van Burden. ; The Act was a reaction to the growing concerns about excessive speculations of land after the Indian removal, which was mostly done with soft currency. Long Cabin campaign, “Tippecanoe and Tyler too,” ND the election of 1840 “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” was a very popular and influential campaign song of the Whig Party’s colorful Log Cabin campaign in the 1840 United States presidential [->l]election.Its lyrics sang the praises of Whig candidates William Henry Harrison (the “hero of Tippecanoe”) and John Tyler, while denigrating incumbent Democrat Martin Van Burden. ; The United States presidential election of 1 840 saw President Martin Van Burden fight for re-election against an economic depression and a Whig Party unified for the first time behind war hero William Henry [->garrison and his “log bin campaign”.

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Second Great Awakening ; The Second Great Awakening was a Protestant revival movement during the early 1 9th century in the United States.

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