Bsn Versus Adn Competency

1 January 2017

Difference in Competencies between Associate and Baccalaureate Nurses Introduction The need for competent bedside nurses has drastically increased and so will it be in the near future. The level of basic education that a nurse should have has always been an issue of debate and controversy. Primary focus of this paper will be to point out the difference in competency of nurses educated in an ADN level to those educated in BSN level.

Nursing is a profession where skill and knowledge has to work hand in hand to promote and deliver optimum level of care, skill alone acquired by years of experience cannot be an answer for this question . But a combination of expert knowledge, decision making, planning, research and leadership which is an integral part of the basic curriculum of a BSN program is extremely necessary. ADN nurses usually have 2-3 year education in community college setup and are focused to provide individualized care to their patients based on their diagnosis.

Bsn Versus Adn Competency Essay Example

But on the other hand BSN nurses undergo 4 year degree program where they get more training in the field of science, nursing management research and leadership. .(“When care”,2002,para. 20) The more the year of their education the lesser the error in their field of clinical practice and procedure violations. Weather it is a ADN or BSN ,both can get a license to work as RN,provided they pass NCLEXRN.

Study suggest that a BSN focuses on psychosocial complexity and therapeutic use of self to know patients and families, has more insight in developing care plan. ADN on the other hand focuses on the diagnosis and the treatment plan. BSN program is designed and has a broader approach to the scope of practice to nursing. According to JACHO ( 2006)the competency for the nurses has defined as ‘determination of an individual’s skills knowledge and capability to meet the expectations. (JACHO. 006,Pg 394) The competency of the clinical nurse depend on their level of education thats the reason why BSN nurse are well prepared to meet today’s demands by functioning in a variety of settings and well acknowledged for the critical thinking, management, health promotion and leadership skills. (Finkleman ,&Kenner, 2010,Pg133)

To put light on the situation, one of my young male patient, was experiencing symptoms of dyspnea, professed sweating and chest pain ,his vitals were stable ,I came to a conclusion that he is having chest pain elated to possible MI. I administered the nitroglycerine sublingual ,started oxygen ,got baseline EKG,which happened to be normal. As I was waiting for the doctor to call me back ,my charge nurse who is a BSN, who walked in to the room and conducted a detailed assessment of the patient. She found the patient had swelling on his right lower leg, and on checking that leg she found that, patient is positive for Homan’s sign. When the doctor called back she explained her findings, and recommended a CT of the chest. CT scan showed , the patient had a PE.

Patient was started on heparin and transfer to a higher level of care. Being an ADN I had good nursing skills but I lacked the insight to use the correct nursing process of assessment and limited my focus on chest pain, While on the other hand my charge nurse assessed the patient and took a decision based on her expert critical thinking and correctly communicated it to the doctor, thereby saving the life of the patient. The nursing process and teaching plan which an AND using is limited to their knowledge and encapsulated within the parameters of the employers policy and procedure.

BSN’s are prepared to function and take independent decision in any kind of situation and can use complex, diverse teaching plan and nursing process not limiting to that recommended by their hospitals but within the scope of practice. ADN’s are responsible to take care of their assigned patients, but BSN’s can take supervisory positions like charge nurses and clinical resources, A study conducted by Dr. Christopher Friese and colleagues states that “nurses prepared at BSN level were linked to lower mortality and failure to rescue levels.

Both BSN and ADN nurses use the same nursing process for the patient care for promotion of care ,but BSN due to their better level of better education they plan the care accordingly. Conclusion Nursing profession is very demanding due to complexity, advanced technology and the ever changing patient population. Nurses are required to keep up with this advancement to foster optimum health and better positive outcome for their patients and community. It is evident that baccalaureate nursing should be the entry level of nursing profession, as BSN are well prepared to meet the increasing demand for creating a positive client outcome and thereby reducing clinical errors and lowering mortality.

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