BT – Movement in Still Life

8 August 2019

After sampling “Dreaming” and”Godspeed,” two tracks from BT’s latest CD, I cannot say I wasimmediately hooked. Most dream/trance music sounds similar to me. But after a fewtracks, it became evident that this album is not simply an array of trancestrains. I found it a perfectly smooth blend of alternative rock, heavy beats,pop and BT’s signature techno elements.

BT’s eclectic music taste isdisplayed here. As on his previous album “ESCM,” BT expands his musicalstyle to incorporate his own favorite sounds. His music grew with him, and, with”Movement In Still Life,” his fan base will too. Every music fan willfind something to appreciate on this album. It is an ideal choice for anyone witha budding interest in trance music.

As varied as are the roots of eachsong, “Movement In Still Life” comes together nicely as an album. Radioplay – which “Never Gonna Come Back Down” has already received – isinevitable for most tracks.

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