Btec Business Level 3 Unit 2 Business Resources

8 August 2016

Team working: The employees at Thorpe Park will need to be able work well in teams so that they can help other employees with work that they are doing and also to help make important group decisions. This will help the customers as all the employees will be working together so will serve them quicker and more efficiently. This will also save waiting time for the customers. Knowledge of products or services: It is important that the employees are familiar with the products and services that Thorpe Park offer as they need to know the area they are working in and the business they are working for.

It will also be easy for them if they are working in a familiar environment around familiar products and services. This will help the customers as the staff serving them will be familiar with the products and services so they will be served quickly and easily. Experience in a similar role: Thorpe Park will look for people with previous experience in a similar role because they know they will be more skilled in that job and will be confident that they know what the job involves. It will also help the employee as they know how to work in a similar environment.

Btec Business Level 3 Unit 2 Business Resources Essay Example

This will help the customers as the staff will be highly skilled and experienced in their role so will know exactly what they are doing when helping customers. Listening skills: Employees will need good listening skills so that they can easily deal with any problems customers have. They will also need them when they are given instructions on what to do from managers and when working with other employees. Customers will benefit from this as the staff will be able to listen to them properly and help them with any problems or answer any questions they have.

Verbal skills: Thorpe Park will need employees to have good verbal skills to be able to talk to customers and be able to give them advice and information on the rides. They should also be able to talk well to managers when giving ideas and to other employees when working together. This will benefit the customers as the staff will be able to communicate well with them if they need to. Effectiveness in meeting team targets: Employees need to be effective in meeting team targets so they keep on top of all of the work they have to do and also so the decisions they have to make as a business are made smoothly.

This will also increase their reputation if all decisions are made more effectively and quicker so could increase the number of regular customers for the business. This will also mean that the staff will be able to help customer quickly and efficiently. Ability to observe and raise professional standards: It is important to observe and raise professional standards of the business so that their reputation increases and they will get more regular customers.

It is also important that professional standards are observed and raised so that the business will be doing much better. Retention This is keeping employees in their job for as long as possible to benefit from their skills and experience. Why retain staff Retaining staff is essential to the long term health and success of a business. Retaining the best employees will ensure: customer satisfaction, product sales, satisfied co-workers, effective planning and imbedded organisational knowledge and learning.

Ways Thorpe Park use to retain their staff include discounts on hotels and attractions, recognition awards (like employee of the month) ,free passes to all attractions across the world, discounts on high street leisure and retail, eye tests for computer/electronic users. Summary Overall, the employability skills are very important to Thorpe Park because that is one of the things they look at when recruiting staff and the people that have more of them will be prioritised. They are also helpful as quite a few of them come in daily use when working at Thorpe Park (such as, Team Working, Listening and Verbal skills).

If their staff have good employability skills, it will mean that the business will succeed and the needs of the customers will be met. However, these employability skills will not necessarily keep the staff in their job alone; Thorpe Park will have to offer them incentives such as discounts and offers to attractions, hotels and retail products, a pay rise and recognition awards like employee of the month. This will help to keep staff at Thorpe Park so that they can benefit from the experienced staff and save costs on recruiting new staff.

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