BTS Review by BTS

12 December 2019

BTS, also known as Bangtan boys, is a South Korean boy band composed of seven members. The seven members are rappers Kim Nam-joon, age 23, Min Yoongi, age 24, and Jung Ho-seok, age 23. They are joined by the vocals of Kim Tae-hyung, age 21, Jeong-guk, age 20, Kim Seokjin, age 24, and Park Jimin, age 22. BTS released their first album, 2 Cool for Skool, in 2013 which has been produced by BigHit Entertainment.
Now over five years later they have released a multitude of albums. Their most recent album Love Yourself ? ‘Her’ was released on September 18, 2017. The album contains nine tracks including a skit from the Billboard Music Awards and two hidden tracks. Their song “DNA” has even allowed them to perform at the 2017 American Music Awards for the very first time since 2012 when South Korean singer Psy performed his hit song “Gangnam Style”.
Although their newest album has brought BTS more fame than they have ever had my favorite song they have created is “21st Century Girls” because of the way that they help younger girls understand that they are beautiful the way that they are. They say in their song “?? ?? ????” which translates to “tell them that you’re strong tell them you’re enough” In most of BTS’s songs they talk about women but they are always respectful about how they describe her and how they appreciate her. Unlike today’s music where the lyrics contain multiple sex and drug-related references, BTS continues to acknowledge women, young girls, and current events all while being completely appropriate and respectful.
I have been a fan of BTS since August of 2017 and I quickly became obsessed with their meaningful lyrics and incredible voices. But most of all I fell in love with their brilliant choreography. The boys of BTS spend day and night practicing their dances from previous music videos and learning entirely new choreography while filming their daily activities, performing at concerts, getting an education, and attending talk shows all over the world. Even while creating music for their boy band some of the members create songs for their solo albums showing how truly dedicated they are to music. I hope that they will continue to dominate the charts and continue to do what they love for a long time because all of their fans are counting on them to make our lives happier and more enjoyable with their music.

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