Buddhism and Monkey Clan

A Number of magic arts 5. Why does Tripitaka need to control Monkey? Monkey needs to learn patients and control his temper 6. Why does the Bodhisattva stop Monkey from destroying the wizard? To teach him how to control his temper. 7. What does Monkey find out about the city Cart Slow? For twenty years had been ruled by three Taoists who could procure rain during times of drought. Their names were Tiger, Deer, and Sheep. 8. In what way are Monkey and Pigsy’s characters different before they meet Buddha while on the journey?

Monkey Is increasingly bound to both his master and the journey without ever losing his energy and humor. Pigsy on the other hand, thought the journey, is always distracted by his desire of sex and food. 9. How is Sandy different to Monkey and Pigsy? Sandy is the water monster and expelled from Heaven after his interference caused Heaven’s Jade Emperor’s precious jade cup to be broken so by going on the journey he can be forgiven for his sin. 10. In what way is Tripitaka not necessarily the leader of the group? On the journey Tripitaka is easily frightened, and never knows what to do.

He is the empty center of the group kept alive and carried forward by his more powerful and active disciples. 11. How do the characters change when they reach Buddha? They get new names. 12. How does the turtle cause the characters problems at the end of the story? The turtle gets angry, however, as Tripitaka hasn’t kept a promise he had made and drops them in the water 13. What are the character’s new names? Tripitaka and Monkey are made into Buddhas, Pigsy is named the Keeper of the Holy Temple, Sandy becomes the Golden-Bodied Soldier 14.

Why does Buddha not give Pigsy the title of Buddha? He is not trustworthy 15. What role does religion play in the text, especially Buddhism? What is the author trying to accomplish in terms of religion? : Buddhism was the religion of China during this period and the story has a strong religious message. If we listen to what the gods tell us, we will not be harmed and we will find salvation. The idea of a journey towards enlightenment was central to Chinese beliefs, and pilgrimages were common. 16.

What do you think is the purpose of the journey the characters take? To help tripitaka retrieve the scriptures and take them back to china. Also while each character learn many lessons about their behavior. 17. Summarize the book in your own words. This is a story of a priest’s journey to India to collect the Scriptures and take them back to China. He is accompanied by three pilgrims and they face great adversity on the way. It is overflowing with magic, demons, gods, immortals, action and adventure.

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