Our book gives us a prime example of tiered service by stating, “Whether we realize it or not, we are already being served by this concept each time we choose to fly. ” (Pg. ) That statement couldn’t be more truthful, as an example I did most of my Christmas shopping online and I stumbled upon a personalization site, I ordered almost $200. 00 worth of items my very first time then later forgot to purchase a present, went back to the same site spent $30 and they sent me a flyer for a percentage off my next purchase. I think tiered customer service Is a great thing to have It not only shows that the company Is Interested In more than Just the customers money, It also shows that they want you 2. List the five critical skills and competencies a customer service representative must possess and discuss why.

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Patience is one of the main skills, sometimes a customer may have trouble deciding on which pair of shoes go with a certain outfit or it may be as simple as waiting until they find their method of payment. Either way it is important for all CSR’s to have Zen like patience when dealing with customers, they are human as well. The next skill I believe all CSR’s should possess is strong communication skills, customers look to CSR’s for all the answers to all their questions concerning a product or service and a CSR needs to have excellent communication with customers In order for them to purchase.

Third on the list: the ability to work under stress, once again Zen-like, we are In tne cnrlstmas season ana tnls Is tne time wnen customers get testy ana demanding, it is important to still treat the customer with respect and kindness and help when asked. Number four, a CSR needs to be resourceful, going back to the second skill, if a CSR isn’t sure the CSR should find someone who is and ask them for elp, or learn with the customer this will provide a “friendly’ atmosphere allowing the customer to treat

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a CSR as a friend instead of someone “taking their hard earned money. Lastly, the fifth skill any and all CSR’s should possess; a positive attitude. CSR’s are Just that a service to the customer that represents the company and regardless of the mood of the CSR they still should show the customer the same loyalty and respect as they would like to receive when shopping. Reference Gibson, P. (2008-2012). The World of Customer Service. South-Western, Cengage Learning

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