Building Relationships With Transgender Individuals

1 January 2018

These are all questions that law enforcement organizations need to consider. According to a study done at Williams Institute of the university of California, there are nearly 700,000 transgender individuals living in the United States. Law enforcement has an obligation to provide services Just as they would for any other person. It states that transgender Individuals are victimized by hate crimes and assaults more than others.A Latin immigrant survey, reported that 69 percent of respondents knew of a transgender who was murdered, 61 percent were victims of sexual abuse, 78 percent experienced random acts of violence such as being attacked n the street or insulted, and 34 percent reported being robbed, and all because they were transgender. These Individuals are often victimized by perpetrators because of social bias that perpetuates stereotypes and myths about the community.

Relationships between transgender Individuals and law enforcement In the past have been about discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. Close to half of the respondents of the ENDS survey reported being uncomfortable talking to police. Some are reluctant to report hate crimes or any crimes in general to law enforcement cause of negative experiences. It seems to be more common for transgender people of color and transgender women. Difficulties with Identification of transgender individuals cause major anxiety and misunderstandings with law enforcement.Not all policies require people to update name and gender on identification documents so many people have identification that does not match their gender, Identity or appearance. Building a relationship between agencies and transgender individuals is very important in moving on in today’s society.

Building Relationships With Transgender Individuals Essay Example

It lists three steps to help build these legislations that In the past have been lacking. Step 1: Identify Leaders Identify local Individuals or organizations that are leaders and allies In the transgender community.May include: nonprofits, transgender-led organizations, 1 OFF organizations give. Step 2: Develop Active Partnerships Identify leaders of the transgender community Reach out and develop a trusting, sustainable partnership Be aware of your own values, prejudices, and attitudes and how they are perceived Step 3: Maintain Open Communication Maintain an open and frequent line of communication Developing a genuine active relationship before an incident occurs is paramount to building confidence in law enforcement agencies.All in all, it is very important to make sure you know how to handle every situation before having to respond to that call. Make sure you are using respectful language and terminology, refer to individuals according to their preferred names and self- identified genders, review basic academy lesson plans and retraining. All of the topics talked about in this article are ways to prepare and help you be the best officer you can make good connections with the community.

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