Burger King Warrior Princess

2 February 2019

Prompt: Describe a significant interest or experience that has special meaning for you.

As a face in a crowd or a name on a page, I am no one special. To the naked eye, I am
average. I was born to a mother and father, I eat food often, and I wear sock on my feet just like
most everyone else. But deep within me, from the caverns of my past, I do have a secret: I am a
warrior princess straight from the tunnels of Burger King.
As a youngster, I thrived on my imagination. Some days I was Marry Poppins singing in
the rain while other days I was a Power Ranger staring face to face with the forces of evil. But of
all the characters I morphed into, I most genuinely become a warrior princess. You see, every
few weeks, my mother drove me to Burger King where my fellow princesses were waiting for
me. Together, we crossed the bouncy bridge to enter the dark tunnels into the adventures that
lied within. We crawled on our hands and feet through the static charged tubes and hurried to
collect the magic keys to save the distressed princess. When the blue ball (holding Princess
Kayla captive) was in sight, we scurried to unlock the invisible door- mission accomplished.
Princesses Carrie, Megan, and I rejoiced in our success.
Though I am far from my times of crawling through the dangers of Burger King, I will
forever be a warrior princess. My adventures have been altered since then, however, and now
consist of more mature quests. Just the other day, as a coach, I led a group of four year olds
across treacherous gymnastics mats to the safety of the nearest trampoline. Though this may
have caused worry lines, it instilled in me an appreciation and responsibility of an adult that I
would never understand otherwise. Away from the work environment, my adventures can
present themselves in my schoolwork. I constantly have to navigate through the rough waters
of anatomy, pre-calculus, and government. This task, however, is one that I will never take for
granted because of the knowledge I know I will obtain by the end of my journey. Along with my
academic adventures, I also learn about language and cross culture ministry as a warrior
princes. I strive to honor my King by carrying out His will by serving the less fortunate in
Appalachia, Romania, Mexico, and New Orleans. God has always been faithful, but I have been
closest with Him on mission trips such as these. I will always remember the gypsy children in
Romania and the slightly wet kisses they left on my cheek, for they are forever left there. Yes,
the kiss washed off, but the memory of the children’s unconditional love for me will never fade.
These countries may be nothing more than colors on a map to some, but to me, they are tokens
of heaven that I will forever carry in my pocket.
As a warrior princess, I cherish every experience that presents itself to me and I am
genuinely ecstatic to face the new ones that will inevitably come in the years ahead. I do face
my own real-life Burger King adventures every day. To some, these experiences may seem
trivial, but they have embellished my average life into an epic escapade. Each tiny experience in
my life is pieced together to create the exact warrior princess that I can proudly say I am today.

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