Burnin' Up by Jonas Brothers

8 August 2019

“Burnin’ Up” is Jonas Brothers’ first single from their album “A Little Bit Longer”. I can’t say the lyrics are ambitious but it’s still good. It’s more about growing boys trying to hold theirselves back when they see a beautiful girl. She’s hot but they can’t do anything cause she doesn’t want to at first. It can make girls hot, especially because of this verse “you go around like you know who I am, but you don’t. You got me on my toes.” It kinda makes you wonder if they’re not singing about a fan. Anyway, this song is cool until the third chorus. Then there’s Big Rob (Jonas Brothers’ bodyguard). Well, I like him, but come on, who is he? He’s supposed to protect our boys, right? So why did they want him to ‘sing’? Come on, it ruined the whole song. He’s screaming, boys are screaming and it’s ruining a song. It just doesn’t fit. At first it’s a song about… well, let’s admit it… sexuality. And then there are boys having fun during the boys’ night. Not, not, not.

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