Bursting the Bubble

4 April 2015
An examination of asset pricing and the phenomenon of ‘Bubbles’.

This paper details an asset pricing phenomena that is known as Bubbles. The writer of the paper provides a history of Bubbles with several detailed examples of past Bubble events. In addition the writer uses the Wall Street Journal as a backdrop to discuss a recent Bubble occurrence.
“We have witnessed them for many years. The bubbles that cause unbelievable price soaring for reason that nobody seems able to explain and then as suddenly as they started they stop. When they stop they can come crashing to the ground in a heap, as is often the case. Real estate, companies, and industries are subject to the asset pricing phenomena called bubbles and anyone who gets in on the bottom and then sells before it bursts stands to make a financial killing. Unfortunately those who hang on to long or don’t think to jump in when it starts lose all the way around.

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