Bus Database Management System Essay Sample

9 September 2017

In today’s universe of rapid alteration. many people are now anticipating a more comfy life than earlier. Because of betterment of engineering. machines are now made by human custodies and its success helped many people around the universe. With these machines. the human attempt had been reduced. Human existences are non satisfied about what they’ve made. They improved the computing machines to hive away many informations and to make applications that will assist the users. By that. database direction system had been made. The work now is non time-consuming. hassle-free and easy to be done. Using database system presents. is really helpful to the companies or little concerns to hold a more apprehensible and dependable system for them to hold a more comfy occupation. The database that the developers will do will profit coach companies to assist the disposal. employees and the costumiers.

Saulog Transit Inc. is a coach transit company in the Philippines serving paths between Cavite. Metro Manila. and Zambales ( Olongapo City ) or Benguet ( Baguio City ) . Its sister company. Dagupan Bus Co. . Inc. is its arm covering major paths in Pangasinan and some countries in Northern Luzon. This Company Offers De Luxe. Air Conditioned and comfy drive for public transit clients. Saulog Transit Inc. was named after its laminitis. Alejandro Saulog. the gramps of the presently bulk of the Saulog kin consisted of Teodoro Saulog. Susan Saulog. Melquiades Saulog. Lilia S. Venturina. and Marietta S. Vergara. The company started operation in 1946 with orangy yellow. Ag and dark green coach pigment design. In 1974. Saulog Transit Inc. acquired the franchise of Villarey Transit. which it used to run its sister company. Dagupan Bus Co. . Inc. ab initio with merely six Mitsubishi Fuso coachs as portion of its enlargement in Northern Luzon. It was in 2010 when Saulog Transit and Genesis Transport Service Inc. signed a memoranda of understanding for the long clip cooperation and allotment of the franchise of the former. Genesis Transport answered all of the assets of Saulog Transit when it was found out that the Saulog kin was unable to shoulder all of the one-year parts to SSS. Pag-ibig and PhilHealth. Hence. Saulog Transit and Dagupan Bus Co. . Inc. acquired new coach units. General Aim:

To plan and develop a database direction system for the Bus Liners to assist them hold a more apprehensible. effectual. and efficient method of recovering and hive awaying informations. Specific Aim: The Godheads want to do an improved informations storage intentionally made for those that are holding a difficult clip to understand and run a complex device. To add a more comprehendible fining system that will assist commuters to hold a better understanding about the menu that they are paying. To hold a more efficient manner of maintaining and tracking minutess.

Significance of the survey
The consequence hopes to advance a better system for the disposal that is responsible to run the company. For the Employees and staff that are working for the company to hold a more apprehensible system and for the costumiers to hold the adequate informations that they need. Scope and Restrictions

The research workers will build. design and implement a database that will enter all the information that is necessary on the operation of the coach company. In making this. they besides want to assist them guarantee that all the information and minutess in and outside the company are being recorded suitably and are being updated every clip. This in bend could take in more efficient and effectual usage of their resources and clip. We might doesn’t hold other tabular arraies on other informations that they want to hive away because we besides don’t cognize what the other coach company want for them to wholly hive away all the informations that they will input. But we guarantee that they can input the major data’s that is need to hive away.

Chapter II
Foreign Literatures:
P. K Singh ( 2010 ) . an writer of a book about database says that a database isn’t needfully contained in a computing machine. Any book or notes that have information is a database. Even a telephone directory is a database. The term database refers to an organized aggregation of information stored in a computing machine. Databases are used for hive awaying and keeping big sum of informations or information. Even if you have information about the people or your employees in documents that you store in a drawer. that’s still a database but database direction system is an organized system that will assist you store any informations that you want to hive away through computing machine. Harmonizing to Ward and Defoulas ( 2006 ) that the database systems developed because of demand to hive away a big sum of informations and retrieve that informations rapidly and accurately. Back in the mid 80’s and 90’s. there are so many cards or documents that have information about the loans or books that the pupils borrowed from the library. But now. there will be an instant reception about the dealing that you did or the book T hat you borrowed from the school with the day of the month you borrowed it and when you will return it. You can non give a costumier a piece of paper that is handwritten and it has data on it because it is really clip consuming. If you have the right database system for that. it will be easy done by a computing machine and immediately publish it.

There. it will give you all the informations that the costumier wants to see. John V. Petersen ( 2011 ) noted that the chief difference between modern databases and the old paper-based ascendants trades with the ability to recover informations. In a modern system. happening all the books published in the twelvemonth 2000 is every bit simple as typing a question and inquiring the computing machine a inquiry. Opportunities are. you will acquire your reply back in a 2nd. In an old paper-based system. the undertaking might take several minute or several hours so if you find out what you are looking for. it has merely several informations that and it’s non plenty. If a company is utilizing a database direction system. it’s non difficult to seek all the information that you need. You can besides give your costumier the right informations in seconds. Local Literatures:

Micheal J. Hernandez ( 2003 ) says that database is an organized aggregation of informations used for the intents of patterning some type of organisation or organisational procedure. ”It truly doesn’t affair whether you’re utilizing a paper or a computing machine package plan to roll up and hive away the information. Equally long as you’re assemblage informations in some organized director for specific intent. you’ve got a database” . Database is an organized system that will assist us to happen the informations that we need through a computing machine. It’s hard to hive away informations in a piece of paper because it is touchable and slices as clip base on balls by. The information may besides free or taken. Harmonizing to Carlo Zaniolo ( 1997 ) that the country of database systems has experienced sustained vigorous growing during the last three decennaries because of the strong pull of commercial applications and the changeless push of engineering and research progresss. “Database besides gained much acknowledgment as a field for computing machine scientific discipline research and university instruction. Without the engineering. database direction will non be. With the aid of many coders and research workers. database direction system is good known and used by many companies.

Steven Roman ( 2002 ) expresses that if the database system did non better. many people will be debatable in salvaging information in documents and recovering it easy. ” To drive the difference place. see the 16-million-book database of the Library of Congress. Suppose the database contains books from 10. 000 different publishing houses. A publisher’s reference column in a flat-database design would incorporate 16 million references. whereas a multitable attack would necessitate merely 10. 000 references. Now. if the mean reference is 50 characters long. so the multitable attack would salvage: ( 16. 000. 000 – 10. 000 ) x50=799 million characters” .

It’s of import to hold a big memory in a computing machine to salvage much information every bit many as possible because it can assist you hold a more grim concern and bother-free occupation.

These literatures prove that database direction system is truly helpful in everyone who’s in the field of concern. Database direction system truly changes the procedure of concerns around the universe. The writers invariably say database helps each and everyone.

Foreign Surveies
The Kowloon Motor Bus Company ( KMB ) is the largest coach operator in Hong Kong. it is responsible for transporting about 2. 7 million riders a twenty-four hours and coordinates the motion of 4. 040 coachs. By using Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise ( ASE ) . PowerBuilder and Pocket Builder. KMB built two mission critical systems: the Traffic Operations Management System ( TOM ) and the Terminus Management System ( TER ) . Using these systems. KMB can now better manage the company’s resource allotment. better the effectivity of depot staff in their day-to-day responsibilities and supply greater mobility to its work force at the terminuss. Mr. Tommy Leung. Head of Information Technology Department of KMB says that the databases that they used ( Sybase ASE. PowerBuilder and Pocket Builder ) have transformed their concern. taking it to the following degree of efficiency and public presentation.

. The Database that they have helped them to hold increased work efficiency. optimizes resource allotment. reduces developing clip. reduces clerical work and increases mobility. Before the coming of internet engagements. you either needed to see a travel bureau or travel to the coach station to purchase your bus tickets in Mexico. In recent times. Mexico’s coach companies have been developing their ain web sites and some are offering online engagement installations. However. their on-line systems are non every bit good developed as the air hoses. and most merely accept recognition card payments from bank cards issued in Mexico. However. the web sites are deserving sing to larn about the coach company. its services. and to see the coach agendas. Before now. the lone manner to happen a coach agenda was to see an attached travel bureau. by sing the coach station. or calling one of the gross revenues offices run by the coach companies.

But by the aid of the cyberspace web sites and web developers. it’s now possible to reserve a place to a coach line drive by sing its web sites. A dynamic and ambitious company. Metroline is proudly functioning one of the world’s busiest metropoliss. Their primary concern is the proviso of coach services under contract to London Buses. runing through an country that extends from North to West London. including Cardinal London and the City. Booking Metrolines Travels Bus tickets is easy done with MakeMyTrip Online Bus. Browse through Bus handiness. Paths and agenda information for Metrolines Travels. Payment options Include Credit Card. Debit Card. Cash Card or Online bank history. With the system that they are utilizing. it’s non impossible for them to hold much costumier in a twenty-four hours. Just one chink off. you can instantly book or reserve a place through web sites. Card games besides helped the people to hold instant hard currency wherever they are.

Local Surveies
Victory Liner. one of the largest provincial coach companies in the Philippines. is now supplying online booking for its riders. Passengers can reserve a ticket online and have the ticket delivered right at their doorsills. They are presently offering for Baguio & A ; Cagayan valley trips. Here in the Philippines. there are few coachs that have database systems. The remainder is utilizing old-style informations hive awaying database that is really hassle and clip consuming. So in this undertaking we’re inspired to make a database for coach line drives that do non hold one. Philtranco provides ordinary non-aircon. airconditioned. and executive coach services. As a dominant force in the conveyance industry. Philtranco is besides positioning itself as a lading or document-handler. forwarder and bearer to its bing conveyance paths and finishs. In advancing the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport ( DMIA ) in Clark. Pampanga. as an surrogate to its opposite number in Manila. Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( NAIA ) – Philtranco offers a hassle-free day-to-day Manila-Clark-Manila trip agenda. Philitranco besides offers on-line reserves for you to hold a convenient manner to hold a ticket.

The ticket will be instantly delivered on your place. Philtranco have many coachs around the Philippines. Without database. they ca’nt reach the place they have now. They are truly seeking to make the people for them to hold a comfy drive and bask the sceneries around the Philippines. Bicol Isarog Transport System Inc. is a coach company that was established in March of 2011 by its President and General director Mr. Geraldo C. Abano and Executive Vice-President and Treasurer Jose Marco H. del Pilar. It’s assisting the people to hold a comfy and fast travel in Bicol. Online reserves are besides available in our company. Merely travel to our web site or a ticket supplier and you can sit our coachs from manilla to bicol or frailty versa. On-line reserves are now popular because many people presents have their cyberspace in places. in cell phones and smart phones. They can reserve a ticket or a place whenever and wherever they want. Synthesis

Bus database direction will assist each and every coach company to hold a more Controlled information redundancy. Enforcing information unity. Data sharing. Ease of application development. Data security. . Multiple user interfaces. Backup and recovery. And to guarantee that they will hold many riders. they besides create web sites to assist the people to reserve a place.

Chapter 3
Business Procedure
Saulog offers rider can bask the scenery through broad Windowss during the twenty-four hours travel for some Aircon and Gold Service coachs. If riders prefer to go on a budget. Travel by Bus For excursions. conventions. and executives travel in groups -Saulog offers charter services for all occasions. may it be for concern or private trips. We provide individualized services for local or long distance charters and Tourss in the Philippines. Saulog charter services offers competitory pricing. professionally trained coach crew. and an added service of an onboard steward/stewardess can be arranged. Traveling people since 1914. we have the expertness to suit your travel demands may it be big or little. expeditiously. professionally and. safely to state the least. Featured Buses We have the coachs to suit your charter and touring demands! . Airbus Coach – a 2 by 1 column place agreement. 26 seater capacity. air-conditioned. on-board public toilet. and more legroom to loosen up and catch some shut-eye. Gold Coach – a 2 by 2 column place agreement. 40 seater capacity. air-conditioned. and on-board public toilet. Standard Aircon Coach – a 2 by 2 column place agreement. 44 seater capacity. and standard air-conditioned coach.

Technical Background
Saulog Transit Inc. . like other major coach companies. has modernized its fleet. Some of its coachs are equipped with automatic transmittal ( GM Allison Automatic Transmission ) . peculiarly their Nissan Diesel engine powered coachs. As of now. the company is now utilizing Hino. Mitsubishi Fuso. Isuzu. and Nissan Diesel coachs. Recently. they have besides been geting Yutong. Golden Dragon. BCI Bus and Daewoo coachs. Saulog Transit Inc. will go on to get new coach units to suit the turning population users of mass public transit.

Business Procedure
A coach conveyance concern program needs to cognize what the market demand is for transit services and who the major participants are presently in your market. The competitory comparables can give you a good feel for the challenges you will confront. the grosss you can gain. and the kind of failings in other companies that you can capitalise on to turn your ain concern. The coach transit theoretical account is a simple and tried concern theoretical account. but with intensifying fuel costs and fluctuating consumer demand. it’s difficult to gauge the long-run profitableness without holding a list of premises you can tweak in the fiscal theoretical account. This program should reply: How many vehicles will you run?

What are your up-front costs?
Make you cognize the on-going operational disbursals?
How many drivers and other employees will at that place be?
How make you be after to manage care issues?

The concern program for a coach conveyance company needs to demo a strong selling program every bit good so that readers can see you cognize how to turn the trade name and addition market portion from other conveyance suppliers ( coach. train. cab etc. ) . You should include a concern sum-up that identifies the proprietors and cardinal employees. every bit good as the hiring timeline and rewards for all staff.


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