Bush – Razorblade Suitcase

1 January 2020

Being Gavin Rossdale’s biggest fan, I decided it would be cool to listen to and review his band’s new CD, “Razorblade Suitcase.” Since I enjoyed the first disc, I thought that this one would be a smash, with heavier guitar riffs and ultimately, a new but great sound. Bush’s sound is definitely new in this album, but not necessarily great. The new sound is not at all what I expected, but I like it. It is really unique and has a lot of orchestral work like we saw last disc, with “Glycerine,” which adds to the uniqueness of the sound. I wasn’t expecting these changes, and I have to admit the first time I listened to the CD the whole way through, I wondered if it was really worth the $11.95. So, the next day, I decided to listen to it all over again, this time with lesser expectations about how it would sound. It sounded really good this time, and I could even relate to some of the lyrics. It’s no “Sixteen Stone,” but it’s a great new venture for Bush. Of course, if you’re an alternative music fan, you’ve probably heard “Swallowed” on the radio ten thousand times already, but it sounds even better on CD. Other tracks I enjoyed were “Personal Halloway,” “Greedy Fly,” “Mouth,” (which sounds like a Merill Bainbridge spinoff, but really isn’t), and “Synapse,” which includes the words, ” … razorblade suitcase …” from which the album gets its name. So if you’re lusting over Gavin and you just can’t stop (need more now!), then buy “Razorblade Suitcase” to ease your pain. And if you don’t like it the first time around, then take about twelve hours off and listen again. This time you’ll love it – guaranteed, total cure from that Gavin fever.

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