8 August 2016

The Woodson Foundation, a large nonprofit social service agency is teaming up with the public school system in Washington D. C. to improve student outcomes. There’s ample room for improvement. The schools have problems with truancy, low student performance, and crime. New staff quickly burn out as their initial enthusiasm for helping students is blunted by the harsh realities they encounter in the classroom.

Turnover among new teachers is very high, and many of the best and brightest are the most likely to leave for schools that aren’t as troubled. The Stags of Group Development for the Woodsom foundation in building a cohesive coalition The First Stage is bringing the new plan in development is forming an executive development committee or team with the help of Human Resource to choose the right candidates for the jobs.

The Second Stage will be Storming which gives conflict towards each and individual group and creates doubts also each group have its own interests and some cases they can directly opposed to one another. For this stage they have to be work as a team and leave all the intensive and doubtful behavior outside of the team. Then only this stage work The Third Stage will be Norming in this for the achieving the certain purpose the goals have set up to start the performance and the team has learn how to set aside your doubts and how to learn work productively together.

Who will do what work and how it will be accomplished The Final but not the least is Performing this stage will give us the satisfaction when the actual team work together to achieving the goal set up by the organization, and all the productivity have been shows and achieved. The Group has stuck in the stages of Forming and Storming as they were not able to get over their own thought and was not able to fully synchronize to achieving the given goal to them. Identifying the Problems in Woodsom Foundation…

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