Business Academic Skills

5 May 2018

To that end, this assessment will enable dents to bring together all the parts associated with the Learning Portfolio into one coherent academic essay and evaluate what has been learnt throughout the entire semester. Details Due Date: Length: Week 14 Workshop and online (Turning) 1 200 words Based on the Learning Portfolio assessment, write a 1200 word academic essay addressing the following question.Students should include six (6) to ten (10) scholarly references which include at least three (3) of the Five Required Resources found on flaws in the Assessment Tasks sub-folder called Week 14 – Essay, as well as any other references that may help them support their arguments.

That is, only references that have been cited in-text should be listed in the reference list. Assessment Question: using three ethical principles of the Global Business Standards Codex, evaluate the employment practices Of Wall-Mart. The essay should have a clear structure which includes: 1 . An introduction that: a.Includes a few general statements about the topic to clarify your interpretation of the question; b.

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Includes a thesis statement that presents your position on the topic; and c. Outlines the main points that support your position.

2. A body that: a. Includes a series of logically developed arguments hat supporters position and b. Ensures that each argument and/or sub- argument is supported by evidence and is elaborated upon. 3. A conclusion that: a. Summaries the main points discussed in the body of the essay; b.

Restates the thesis statement; and c. Includes a final comment that does not introduce any new ideas. . Cohesive text that aids with the logical flow of the arguments presented. 5. A reference list which includes only the resources that are used the in body of the text (I. E.

In-text citations) Presentation and format Students are required to download and fill in the assessment template y: 1. Filling in all required details on the coversheet 2. Typing responses into the blank fields as indicated 3. Removing any blank spaces/lines and 4. Inserting the required information in the footer. All the margins, fonts and spacing are already set so there is no need to make any further adjustments. Of 2 Submission requirements A hard copy of the assessment is due within the first 10 minutes of your assigned workshop in Week 14 along with a copy of the Turning Originality Report which should be attached to the back of your assignment.

Assessments will not be accepted without the Turning Originality Report. Once the 10 minute submission period in the workshop is over, late assignments must be submitted to the School of Marketing’s assignment drop box and late penalties of per day will apply, including the day of the workshop.Note: A penalty of 10% per day will apply to any submissions to the School of Marketing assignment drop box irrespective of the time of day. Hard copy is the only method of assignment submission. Turning-only submissions will not be accepted. Extension of due date for submission If students need to apply for a short extension of time to complete an assessment item they should attach all supporting documentation to the completed Request for Extension form which is available from Student Central, the LAWS website or from the ‘Support’ folder in the BAS flaws site.Requests for extension must be submitted no later than three working days prior to the due date of the assessment task to Parameter Campus, School of Marketing Building DE (Reception); Campbellsport Campus, School of Marketing Building AAA (Bee Booth) or Bankbooks Campus (TAB).

After that period, requests for extensions will not be accepted and students will need to apply for special consideration.Special consideration If students need to apply for a special consideration, they should attach all supporting documentation to the completed Application for Special Consideration form which is available from Student Central, the CAWS website or from the ‘Support’ folder in the BAS vows site. Requests for special consideration must be submitted to Student Central and no later than two working days after the assessment due date. Note: Students should note that an application for extension or special consideration does not automatically mean that it will be proved.

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