Business Applications

2 February 2017

Business Applications Name| Gary Smith| Instructions This assignment has three major parts. Each part involves reading, interacting with some software, copying computer screen images into your assignment to demonstrate your work, and responding to questions. Grading Criteria This assignment will be graded using a total numeric score based on the accuracy of your answers. Submission of Deliverable Add your answers to this document and submit this document as a file.Answers to questions should not be longer than two to three sentences. Credit will be deducted for longer answers.

Submit your final project via hardcopy only, due by the end of class on the assigned date. NO late submissions will be accepted. The assignment is posted on the class MIS Community site. Please use the assignment template for your answers, and provide screen shots for all of the assignments when directed. To copy a screen image on your computer, press the Alt+PrtSc keys on your computer. This copies the screen to the Windows clipboard.Then go to the assignment Word document, * place the mouse cursor at the point where you want to insert the screen image * press and release the left mouse key * select Edit/Paste PART A – Customer Relationship Management Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to learn how businesses manage relationships with existing and potential customers through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Business Applications Essay Example

You will explore a demo of Microsoft’s CRM. Make sure you are using a computer with the volume up so you can hear what the presenter is describing. Steps 1.

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