Business Ethics and the Global Dimensions of Business

7 July 2016

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Business Ethics and the Global Dimensions of Business Essay Example

Your paper was set up well and nicely flowed from one section to another. You included good information throughout and incorporated a number of good academic reference sources from peer-reviewed texts. Your content was well laid out and nicely written. Please continue to try and incorporate in-text reference sources. Your APA formatting is improving, but it still needs some work. Please see my comments in red font below. Dr. Mary Beth KlingerGrade: 9. 44/10Date: November 7, 2012 Business Ethics and the Global Dimensions of Business By Date: November 4, 2012

Assignment: 3 Introduction XYZ Construction Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado; the company has 16 field offices spread throughout 11 States. There are 2,300 year round employees with a surge of 4,500 employees during the peak construction periods. XYZ Construction Inc. began in the late 1950’s as a privately owned family business. Recently, the family would like to move the company into the public sector within a 12 month period. XYZ Construction, Inc. performs horizontal construction with specialties in: Roads Bridges Airfields (Klinger, 2012).

Currently, XYZ Construction Inc. receives a majority of their contracts from the state government. The purpose of this essay is to analyze and discuss ethical and social issues, along with cultural diversity when expanding into the Asian market. Also, we will determine if this venture into the Asian market will be short-term or a long-term business venture. Good introduction. Cultural Diversity XYZ Construction Inc. must learn the Asian culture so that nothing will be offensive; such things are the importance of different colors, lettering, and even certain pictures.

Culture diversity could be defined as a combination or mixture of different cultures; whether locally or worldwide. Some organizations may not accept other countries values or ethics because it may be a conflict with their own. By looking at the economic growth within the Asian region could help XYZ analyze where they should begin and how far they can grow economically. Opening within a region where you are not familiar with the culture could be a downfall for organization. This is why it’s important to ask the question: What type of framework should we apply to social diversity in order to do business within the Asian market?

Good. Just as XYZ Construction Inc. has environmental protection laws to follow in the United States they must also follow the Asian environmental protection laws. It would be a good idea to get an understanding before opening a construction office in either country in Asia. A good start of learning the Asian laws would be seeking help from our EPA office. Gather the information and pass it along to the Officer in charge of the Asian Organization so the guidelines can be written in a manual.

Other helpful information would be learning the Workers Compensation laws which must be placed in the office in English and the native tongue of the country the office is located. Very creative ideas. What reference sources could you incorporate into this section? What outside source would work well here? Ethical Issues When an American company is trying to get established in other countries we must consider that country’s culture, customs, language, beliefs, religion, and social aspects when doing business internationally, so that we don’t offend them in an unethical or immoral way.

For example when Coca-Cola presented their famous brand logo of a White background with Red lettering to the Chinese government it wasn’t accepted. Coca-Cola had to reverse the brand logo colors to a Red background with White lettering. As stated on Liny (2011) this coincides with the traditional Chinese festival colour: red. In china, red has special meanings to Chinese people. It is a traditional popular festival colour which reflects happiness, prosperity, luck, celebration and the spiritual and material pursuits of Chinese people.

Here’s an exact picture of the Coca-Cola logo in China and the logo in the United States: Figure 1: Coca-Cola Logo – Chinese versus American Another issue is some cultures don’t believe in conducting business with women or educating women; however, it is an act of discrimination within the United States. Various managerial styles are used in planning and decision making, including an authoritarian style, a consultative style, a participative style, or a democratic form or leadership (Executive Concepts in Business Strategy, 2011). XYZ Construction Inc.

should also consider in hiring an expert that is local to run the Asian business so that they have all the major components or the inside as to how to do business within a foreign region. One asks is it wrong using an expert within your company that is local that may hurt the country in the long run? What ethics code of conduct will the company abide by? As stated in the textbook, Executive Concepts in Business Strategy (2011), “Ethical challenges are present in the general international business environment as well as in individual organizations conducting global trade” (p.

566). Here are some components of the code of ethics: 1. The purpose of the code, including (a) regulation of behavior and (b) inspiration to employees 2. A statement of aspirations that is often included in a preamble that outlines the ideals a company aspires to for its employees. The statement should include the values and principles of the organization. 3. A list of principles 4. A list of rules, if needed 5. A statement regarding how the code was created 6. How the code will be implemented 7. How the code will be publicized internally to employees 8.

How the code will be publicized externally to constituents and publics 9. How the code will be enforced 10. A statement regarding how and when the code will be revised 11. Most of the time, values, principles and rules are listed in order of importance Why did your font type change here? Companies should not hide nor divulge any information that will be life threatening or wrong for business, failing to disclose accurate information can legally put the company at risk and may very well prohibit other up-coming other business’s from getting the opportunity to go global.

As a manger within the construction company, if corruption exists, how would they handle the issue? Drucker (2009), mentions that “business ethics” very origin is political rather than in ethics (p. 23). “It expresses a belief that the responsibility which business and the business executive have, precisely because they have social impact, must determine ethics-and this is a political rather than an ethical imperative” (Drucker, p. 23). Lastly, we can mention the unethical practices like bribery, hiring minors or taking advantage of the less fortunate.

Corruption is prominent in the Asian market due to a lot of family-owned business groups. Corruption is generally defined as ‘behavior which deviates from the formal duties of a public role because private-regarding (private clique, or personal close family) pecuniary or status gains; or violates rules against the exercise of certain types of private- regarding influence’ (Nye 1967, p. 419). (Rama, 2011 p. 505) (Nye, 1967, p. 419; Rama, 2011, p. 505). These family group organizations could influence the government decisions and the economy by not allowing or delaying approval of a contract or business license.

Good points. Social Issues XYZ Construction Inc. must understand the social issues that may have a negative impact on their company. They have a social responsibility regardless of the country that they are in. According to our textbook, Executive Concepts in Business Strategy (2011), “Social responsibility is the obligation an organization (profit-seeking or nonprofit) has to be ethical, responsible, and responsive to the needs of the members in the organization as well as the larger society. ” (p. 545) Remember that your period goes after the in-text citation.

To support this, Friedman’s doctrine (1970) bout “social responsibilities of business” is that “A corporation is an artificial person and in this sense may have artificial responsibilities, but “business” as a whole cannot be said to have responsibilities, even in this vague sense…. the social responsibility of business is to ask precisely what it implies for whom. ” (p. 2). All direct quotes >40 words need to be placed in a block quotation. XYZ should have a positive impact on the country by using environmentally safe materials along with not violating any laws by applying for permits and licenses in a timely manner.

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