Business Ethics – Profit vs. Csr Essay Sample

9 September 2017

In today’s globalised universe where free market economic systems are the driving force behind companies changeless chase of maximization of net incomes. at that place seems to be a clear shortage of societal values and committedness to functioning society. This essay will turn the visible radiation on how concern organisations’ ultimate purpose is to bring forth net incomes and CSR activities are secondary if non frequently ignored. The essay takes the place that CSR enterprises are late being acknowledged as non merely good to society but every bit good to concern over the long term. The enticement of speedy net incomes has now provably ache the credibleness of large concerns with black effects for concern every bit good as society. In short. concern ends must progressively see the involvement of all stakeholders as every bit of import if society’s religion in market capitalist economy is non to be wholly forfeited. Hence in this essay I will reason in favor of CSR enterprises and how companies today can non last without carry throughing certain duties they have towards society.

Now. let’s Begin by understanding the point of position of celebrated American economic expert Milton Friedman. he believed that maximization of net income is the cardinal drivers or cardinal premises in a free market economic system and that corporate executives were employees of the proprietors of the concern and that their societal duty is towards the stockholders of the company and maximising stockholders value. In short. he argued that the societal duty of any concern was to bring forth net incomes as more net incomes would take to higher dividends or capital grasp. ( Milton Friedman. The New York Times Magazine. 13th September. 1970 ) Let’s take a expression at one of the largest instances of bankruptcy that sparked off the worst fiscal crisis in America and universe over. The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy instance brought the full universe to a deadlock. the company dragged the full universe into a fiscal crisis with over 26000 employees losing occupations and 1000000s of investors lost about all their money and all this happened because Lehman Brothers had borrowed immense amounts of money to fund their assorted investings and in the procedure were exaggerating the net incomes in their balance sheets. ( CBS News. CBS Interactive Inc. 22nd April. 2012 )

Business Ethics – Profit vs. Csr Essay Sample Essay Example

Hence. in my position Milton Friedman’s statement on maximization of net income being the exclusive duty of a concern needs a serious rethinking as the ‘Lehman Brothers moment’ non merely led to a immense fiscal prostration but besides dragged the United States into a recession. So looking at it from the point of position of a concern endeavor. the ethical quandary would be whether to make maximal net incomes for stockholders as they a company’s concluding duty is towards them or to strike a balance between net income coevals every bit good as transporting out societal duties maintaining in head the society at big. However. transporting out CSR activities can take to several benefits for a company and encompassing such activities can assist their concern in assorted ways.

Let’s have a expression at some of the benefits arsing from CSR enterprises: •Brand differentiation? companies set abouting CSR enterprises tend to happen their ain alone manner of positioning their trade name and a opportunity to distinguish themselves from other trade names. nevertheless in the instance of Coke and Pepsi. both adopted they ain attacks to CSR by following a scheme of zero net H2O use and bring forthing bottles made out of sustainable packaging. Though in their instance since both companies are rehearsing similar CSR activities they may happen it difficult to distinguish their trade names though in the long tally they would be prosecuting CSR activities truly instead than merely from the point of position of publicity.

•Engaging the customer? Companies today. prosecute CSR activities in order to prosecute consumers and do them cognizant about certain environmental jeopardies and how they need to do the right picks while purchasing merchandises. Hence. by making so they are utilizing the power of advertisement to advance their CSR activities and make an image of a socially responsible trade name in the eyes of consumers. An illustration of such a company is Walmart that created ad runs that were built around making. consciousness about the environment and merchandise picks consumers should be doing

•Cost savings? cutting down costs of production is one of the ways by which companies can get down their journey in sustainability that is by either using less packaging or less energy. A CSR study in 2011 suggests that General Mills saved up to $ 600. 000 by put ining energy supervising metres on several equipment pieces. ( James Epstein-Reeves. Forbes. 21st February. 2012 ) Thus the above mentioned points are clear illustrations of companies that have benefited from CSR activities and in bend have given to society in a certain manner. These illustrations are clear indexs of the fact that a company does non necessitate to hold merely one intent and that is profit maximization. as by prosecuting CSR enterprises they are non merely doing net incomes but are capitalising on a batch of other facets such as good will. improved trade name image and a wider pool of clients in the procedure. In a manner one can use the useful attack to companies prosecuting CSR activities. Utilitarianism suggests that determinations refering to a concern are proper merely if those determinations create the greatest good for the greatest figure of persons ( EBEN Research Conference. Dublin. 8th – 10th June 2012 ) hence when companies indulge in CSR enterprises where they are either sensitive to the environment or indulge in activities that help in the upliftment of the weaker subdivisions of society they are in bend making the maximal good. Use of CSR in Marketing

In the universe of marketing where a legion trade names exist in a given class. companies find it highly difficult to distinguish themselves from their rivals and therefore today companies have started utilizing CSR enterprises as manner to advance themselves and place themselves as a more sustainable or environment friendly trade name. Consumers today are going more and more witting about the assorted environmental jeopardies and with the media scanning each and every move of good known trade names. consumers are easy updated on the latest intelligence about companies and therefore nil remains hidden from them. Hence. in such a state of affairs companies use their advertisement and selling attempts to advance all their CSR activities so as to make a certain image in the heads of the consumers. In my position. many times companies end up working these CSR enterprises by utilizing them as a tool to carry through their selling demands. In Decision

However. in order to be socially responsible companies need to truly prosecute CSR activities and non utilize them to leverage their ego involvements. Companies should utilize advertisement to do consumers more witting about their environment and the importance of conserving resources. Companies could besides utilize their selling attempts to edify clients on how their patterns in development of merchandises are sustainable and how the company is highly witting about doing optimal use of resources without over working them. In an ideal state of affairs. this is how companies should transform their selling activities so as to project an image of being
socially responsible.


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