Business Functions and Process Essay Sample

9 September 2017

This study is aim to present how concern maps and procedure demand to be implemented across an administration. The study will come with both academic theories and existent illustrations. Some illustrations of Tesco PLC and other companies have been chosen here to supply some good illustration of a concern running of a big international group. The study will be separated into there parts and seeking to supply more item of concern maps and procedure through different facets.

External Stakeholders and the Administration
Harmonizing to Johnson. G. Whittington. R. and Scholes. K. ( 2011 ) . stakeholders play of import regulations in a administration. particularly a big administration because there are different outlooks. even confliction between those stakeholders in a administration. Stakeholders can be divided into four types sing to their relationships to the administration and how can they impact the whole administration. These four types of external stakeholders are: Economic stakeholders. Social/Political stakeholders. Technological stakeholders and Community stakeholders. Figure 1 shows clearly what the relationship between them and an administration.

( Figure 1 )

To place these of import stakeholders. stakeholder function is one of the best attack for an administration to place their ain stakeholder. Figure 2 is an illustration of external stakeholders function of E. ON Energy. which identify the stakeholders of this administration.

( Figure 2 )

Stakeholders can play different functions in different countries within a administration. They can besides do influence on these countries. the undermentioned parts will specifically explicate the influence of stakeholders.

External stakeholders can do influence on the sustainability of an administration. when a administration doing a concern determination. Nowadays sustainability is going more and more of import in our life. Not merely authoritiess sing sustainability. but besides big administrations and even local abode sing sustainability. Briedenhann. J. ( 2011 ) introduced that bequest and sustainability going more and more of import for big featuring events such as the FIFA World Cup. and these determinations are influence by external stakeholders such as the authorities and local abode. In the instance survey of Tesco PLC. the administration is executing good in the planetary market harmonizing to the sustainability. With the influence of different political groups ( external stakeholders ) . Tesco PLC make a zero-carbon preparation academy in South Korea. The administration is recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project as a top retail merchant in the universe. This is because the company has follow the influence of external stakegholders and made large parts to the sustainability. Furthermore. the administration besides decide to come on towards on this aims and traget themselves being a zero-carbon concern by 2050. ( Tesco PLC. 2011 )

Economic stakeholders are the cardinal participants for a big retail company when the administration is covering globalization issues. Globalisation is a world-wide motion on economic. finance. trading and communications ( BusinessDictionary. 2013 ) . This means globalization is extremely related to the fiscal activities. so it is no uncertainty that economic stakeholders will do large impacts on globalization issues for a international trading company. As a retail company. Tesco PLC has their concern across the whole universe. During the concern procedure in different states. the company is really making different schemes to run into the demands of local economic stakeholders related to their civilization and devouring wonts. For illustration Tesco PLC opende a batch of 24 hours Tesco Express in the East China to run into the demands of consumers want to purchase things 24 hours while in America they provide supermarkets with organic. fresh and high quality nutrient. The scheme determination and concern advancement is extremely affected by the economic stakeholders in globalization is because the chief aim for most international concern companies is to general income.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Harmonizing to Johnson. G. Whittington. R. and Scholes. K. ( 2011 ) . “Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is the committedness by administrations to ‘behave ethically and lend to economic development while bettering the quality of life of the work force and their households every bit good as the local community and society at large” . Although the chief aim of an international concern company should be general income and net income. but CSR is going a cardinal portion for a big administration. While covering with CSR issues. Social/Political stakeholders such as local communities. consumers can do large impacts on the determination devising. The of import thing for CSR is to fulfill the the clients particularly they are local communities. Tesco PLC made a good illustration in Asia on CSR. They company help the local community to cover with the inundation in Thailand. Staffs work hard to present the basic life demands to the local communities and the company had donated about ?500. 000 to the local community which won high assessment from the local community. To really see the external societal shareholders and do benefit for them is one of the most of import things is concern procedure now for a big administration.

Diverseness comes from different parts and different degrees in an administration. Diverseness on determination devising can go on rather frequently when the administration is large. When a administration has junior direction degrees and senior direction degrees. sometimes diverseness might go on ( Johnson. G. Whittington. R. and Scholes. K. . 2011 ) . The diverseness may do by different experience and the experience may come from external stakeholders. For illustration technological stakeholders may make new engineering or solution manner for a big company. but it is the right of the company to make up one’s mind if they are using new engineering to their company. usually. diverseness come due to there ground when internal stakeholders doing determinations. For illustration. diverseness might go on when Tesco PLC was make up one’s minding utilizing on-line shopping systems or smartphone application for the company to general more income or heighten client experience. It is apprehensible and true that external stakeholders will hold impact on determination devising when diverseness happened. but the best manner to decide this job is to heighten the communicating between internal stakeholders and seek to hold unite in the administration.

Business Invention
Technology traveling fast in modern society. new concern theoretical account and engineering comes out every twelvemonth. External stakeholders are the best mention for a administration to reexamine on the company and to do determination on the concern inventions. To do concern inventions. selling probe must be done before lunching the service or new merchandises. In this phase. external stakeholders are the ideal mark to be investigated. For big bowls. societal stakeholders such as local abode can act upon on the events could be taken on in the bowl. For international retail companies. the consumer wonts can assist the company to make new concern tools and services. Internet plays indispensable portion in people’s life. on-line food market of Tesco PLC gives people more connivence and new types of shopping experience which now seems like a normal manner. Social media for big retail store helps the company to acquire feedback from their clients every bit shortly as possible and to do reaction on it. External stakeholders help a company to garner information rapidly and make concern invention rapidly and besides acquire reactions rapidly by utilizing suited manner.

Creativity involves in the production of anything utile Mumford. M. D. ( 2003 ) . and besides creativeness can besides be defined as original and worthwhile. For an administration. creativeness is non merely refers to the physique up on a new merchandise or new service. it can besides mention to a internal solution of a company. To hold creativeness. external stakeholders will do large part. As economic stakeholders. stockholders and capital providers will supply the indispensable capital or fund that are available for a creativeness. With the support of capital. the squad will hold more opportunity to do new merchandises or services. Political stakeholders such as the administration organic structures besides help on creativeness. A new policy can assist assortment companies to make a macro-environment on creativeness. With a macro-environment on creativeness. more opportunity of creativeness will go on sing to the challenging in the same industry. Consumers as external stakeholders besides stimulate creativeness because big corporate brand creativeness to run into the consumers’ demands and to acquire the mark of general income. Different external stakeholder dramas different regulations in creativeness for a concern procedure. but in all they all aid.

Enterprise Development
Enterprise Development is a big building for either a little company or a big international administration. An endeavor development is based on assortment facet within the administration such as merchandises and service. human resource direction. recruiting. public assistance and so on. These development are internal developments. but they are mentioning to external activities. With the aid of political stakeholders. new policy for endeavor which helps the running of the company can be made. This is a chances but is besides a menace because the rivals as external stakeholders can besides acquire benefits from the policy. The development on corporation civilization will gave consumers as external shareholders positive impact if the civilization is wellness and exciting. Recruiting and public assistance of the company is rely on the net income of the company. The net income is coming form consumers. so really the running of the company can impact the internal determination devising. So to reason. endeavor development is an internal activity and processed within the company. but this activity and procedure on determination devising is really rely one the external shareholders.

Knowledge of Management
A wellness and sustainable running of a company can non populate with out the cognition of direction of senior direction degrees of a company. Because the external environment is altering all the clip. so the cognition of direction should be updated all the clip excessively. For illustration. the attending on wellness and safety for consumers is upgrading all the clip these old ages. These requires the direction degree to hold latest cognition on this to keep the repute of the company. To understand the market. can besides assist the direction degree to utilizing latest cognition to pull off the staff and to supply better merchandises or service to the populace. And moreover. the changing of policy will mostly impact the cognition of direction because some large alterations on policy particularly in different states will impact the cardinal construct of a company and the senior direction degree might utilize a wholly different pull offing accomplishments to pull off the company. The cognition of direction demands to be up to day of the month all the clip and all the alterations must mention to the external environment.

Hazard Management
Risk direction is an indispensable portion for a company to avoid unneeded cost and to do unneeded dangers. A full hazard direction will hold different parts such as hazard appraisal. eventuality program and exigency action. These hazard directions tools some are internal related and some are external related. But most of them are mentioning to external stakeholders. For illustration hazard appraisal needs to see what action would go on for external stakeholders. Is the policy shapers will alter the policy? How the economic system will impact the running of the company. When puting eventuality program. what alterations will convey to the external shareholders and what contemplation will the company get from the external shareholders back must be considered to make up one’s mind if the eventuality program is utile or non. For big retail groups. when insolvents happened. the exigency program must see the benefit or lost of the consumers. And besides a fast-reaction a exigency state of affairs will impact on the consumers. to go forth positive feedback signifier these external shareholders will keep the consciousness of the company.

Operation in Business Process
Harmonizing to Russell. R. and Taylor. B ( 2006 ) . operation direction was defined should be systematic and do the procedure of the operation more efficient. fundamentally. operation direction is linked with all necessary activities during the design. develop and procedure of a merchandise or a service that could be consume by the consumers. Operation direction is everyplace in the concern. Several facets in the concern starry can be considered here in operation direction.

Operation Management and Aims
First. signifier concern nonsubjective points of position. operation direction is of import. Business aims should be SMART and besides can be separate to hard and soft aims. Hard aims are ever mensurable. quantitative and nonsubjective and soft aims are ever not mensurable. qualitative and subjective. Operation direction related aims can be found in serval sections of a big concern administration. In finance. operation direction should concentrate on the return on investing ( ROI ) because ROI should be one of the chief aims of a company on their future determination devising. In footings of selling. operation direction should concentrate on their clients. The clients demands decide the company’s aim. Operation direction of client will including day-to-day concern activities with clients besides including the client service. One of the indispensable portion of operation direction in selling clients is excessively enhance or keep the quality of the merchandises or service of the company. For illustration Tesco PLC provide good 24 hours services in China and supply high quality and organic nutrient in America. On the production of the merchandises or services. operation direction should concentrate on the efficiency and the effectivity of the work.

As when the operation is efficient and effectual. the company can salvage adequate money on the bring forthing of the service and merchandises. Form internal stakeholders points of position such as staff and employees of the company. operation direction should concentrate on the use. preparation and development of the people in the administration. Human resource direction is portion of the operation direction in an administration. The use of the employees can make high production of the work while with proper preparation of the employee can besides heighten the efficiency of an administration. Development of human resource and convey new operation thoughts or solution to the administration which besides will do the work more productive. Tesco PLC create academy in Korea to heighten the operation direction is a good instance survey on how to educate the current staff and possible employees foe the company and to do them accommodate the administration more and make productiveness for the employers.

Environment is going more and more of import for a company on their nonsubjective devising particularly for those big international companies as they provide services and merchandises worldwide and making concern in there different states. Operation in environmental issues should concentrate on the local policy or ordinances to maximize the impact of the operation. Furthermore. the operation direction of environment should non merely concentrate on the external environmental issues such and sustainability of the society or the protection of the environment. The operation should besides pay more attending on those intangible environmental issues inside the administration. The internal environmental issues can be more complex. The internal operation on environment can be the on the job civilization of the administration such as developing employee the administration civilization. it can besides be the internal communicating between section.

Operation Management and Strategy Process
Operation direction besides involved in the scheme procedure of the administration. Administration has their ain scheme on concern determination. Scheme can be divided into short-run scheme. medium-term scheme and long-run scheme. The operation direction of scheme procedure needs to do certain the running of the administration is on the path. The usage of operation direction is to do right way for the company to accomplish those schemes. The operation should be up to day of the month because the external environment is altering harmonizing to the demands of external stakeholders. For illustration the policy changing may impact the long-run scheme of a company. One of the good apply of operation direction in scheme procedure is to do tactic to run into the demands of short-run scheme. Besides to make policy and follow policy and ordinances is besides of import. Strategy comes form day-to-day operational degree to the corporate degree. To use and do right scheme determination is what the administration needs in operation direction.

Operation Management and Implementation
Operation direction has assortment processing phases. These phases including planning. and commanding. and most significantly. it is about implementing the operation direction to the administration. There are few things should be considered when implementing the operation direction. First. the execution of the operation direction should be realistic. The aim and the running should non be excessively ambitious. It is easy to put up different aims and operation ways for an administration. but non all of them is easy to implement and suitable for a administration. So be realistic is one thing when making operation direction. When runing a company. the leader or the determination shaper should be hardheaded. Because operation is the bosom of an administration. the direction should be really consecutive on mark. To be hardheaded is to do certain the undertakings are completed on clip and will non impact the running of the administration. But it can be argument that the human resource direction can besides be soft.

Because a hardheaded type direction is non suited for all the employees in the administration. So to do certain all the undertakings are acquire done on clip and in a good quality. utilizing assortment ways or direction to different types of people is indispensable. Diversity in a administration in the thing should be considered in the operation particularly in big international companies. Peoples who work in a international company may coming from different counties and in different instruction background. To do certain to apportion suited undertakings for people who can manage them can give the operation more flexibleness and makes the operation more smooth and efficient. Harmonizing to Muhlemann et Al. ( 1994 ) there are 5 p’s should be focused in operational undertakings which are: Merchandise. Plant. Process. Programmes and People. And harmonizing to Brown et Al ( 2001 ) there are 4P’s of operational undertakings which are Policy. Practice. Performance and Process. They all mentioned the importance of procedure in operation direction.

The undertakings of operation direction is related to both internal stakeholders and external stakeholder. For illustration. The merchandises needs to run into the demands of consumers. the works of the undertaking is depends on the internal stakeholder such as employees. The undertaking made upon policy is under the affect of authorities policy and ordinance or internal policy. The public presentation indicate the degree of the market which is besides a good index when the administration is making rival analysis. There are besides 5E’s in the operation direction which are: Economy. Efficiency. Effectiveness. Equity and Ethics. The equity of operation is more about the human resource direction in the administration while the the moralss are more about the end product of the the operation. The moralss of an administration can be a large opinion when external stakeholders measuring the administration.

Consumers will act upon by the moralss of the administration when devouring the merchandises or service while the stockholders will make up one’s mind if the investing is deserving or non justice by the moralss public presentation of the administration. For illustration presents more and more administration are willing to carry through the Corporate Social Responsibility. A big international retail merchant company such as Tesco shows that they are assisting the local community and protect the environment will hold high assessment on the CSR. When consumers devouring. they find out the company is really give back what they earn organize the consumers to them. they might willing to devour at Tesco more. When more consumers consume more. the investors will happen the company has more possible on growing so they are willing to put more. This refers that the one operation motion has butterfly consequence on the undermentioned motion and the result of the operation direction. To reason all. it shows that each nexus between the operation direction are all linked together and all the undertaking can hold impact to the external stakeholders and all of them a indispensable and of import.

Operation Management as a Transformation Procedure
Operation as the most of import portion of the administration. the cardinal portion of the operation direction is to transform inputs into end products of greater value. In the transmutation procedure. several cardinal points should be considered:

Adding Value in the Transformational Procedure

The transformational procedure is more like a transition procedure. it is doing something into another signifier of type of things. For illustration. the input can bu stuffs. and the end product can be existent merchandises or the input can be human and the end product can be the service. The feature of this transition monetary values is to add value into the input and bring forth merchandises or services with more value on it. It can be besides described as to maximize the value of something. When making this transition procedure. Several points need to be considered. First is the efficiency of the procedure. When adding value into something. the occupation must be efficiency. The value of the end products should be equal or more than the the amount of the inputs. This means the procedure is really working and add more value into the input. Second. the value adding should be effectivity.

The end product should be impressive to the populace and receive positive feedback from the populace. For illustration new engineering can change over simple stuffs into high engineering merchandises and lead high devouring on this merchandises. This transformational proces is successful because the effectivity. Third. the value adding should use the administration resources. To do the value adding. the procedure needs capacity such as machinery. money as capital. people who work on it and stuffs. When the administration has use of the resource. the opportunity to add value in the procedure is bigger because this is a cardinal portion of the procedure and there no 100 % opportunity to do certain that the procedure will add value. but these are indispensable. Finally. the transformational procedure should understate the cost. To supply more value of the end product. the procedure should salvage as much costs as possible. With possible salvaging in the procedure. the whole operation direction cane be more sustainable.

Different signifiers of Transformational Process

As there are assortment types of concern. the transformational procedure can hold different signifiers. Physical transmutation are ever seen in the fabrication operations which is change overing stuffs into merchandises. Locational transmutation are ever seen in the transit or warehouse operations. This is an activity ever seen in logistic operation. Exchange transmutation are ever seen in retail operation. Furthermore. in wellness attention service. physiological transmutation are ever seen and psychological transmutation are ever seen in the amusement. Informational transmutation can be found in communicating. Both psychological transmutation and informational transmutation are intangible transmutation procedure.

Operation Management and Operation Activities
The operation direction including assortment activities. several activities can be listed here. Forming work. this needs the operation director to good organize the undertakings can do certain they are on the path. Choosing procedure needs the operation directors to understand the precedence of the undertaking and choosing suited things to make on the right clip. Arranging layouts ever seen in some event forming. the operation directors need to plan and set up the layout of the locale to maximize the end product. Locating installations can been seen in some logistic work. or a big administration with different installations. Planing occupations should allow the operation directors to utilizing their apprehension on the staff and attempt to apportion the best occupation for them. Measuring public presentation is a measuring activities on the end product. Controlling quality is a cardinal activity in all concern sectors. Scheduling work is ever aboard with the occupation planing which besides need the apprehension or work for operation directors. There are a batch of more activities can be found in operation. to conclue. operation is about everything and making everything everyplace.

Other Important Business Functions
Business maps are non merely operation direction. there are other things can be considered in concern map which can add value to the external stakeholders. In these portion. few more concern maps will be discussed here to supply more accounts.

Selling as Business Function
To run a concern. it is essencial to understand the current market of the administration and understand the external stakeholders demands. Selling as a cardinal concern map will assist the administration to understand the current state of affairs of the merchandises and service to heighten the quality of what they provide or provide new merchandises or values to the clients. To understand what sort of added value should be provide. foremost he organisation needs to understand what they needs. Harmonizing to the 5p’s theory of Marketing. Product. Price. Topographic point. Promotion and Peoples are the cardinal parts of the selling. A good merchandise launch should include a sensible monetary value for the mark market. presented and prompted in suited topographic points to suited people. When the aiming a selling. one thing can be missed. Harmonizing to Johnson. G. Whittington. R. and Scholes. K. ( 2011 ) . market sagement should be considered in a selling run.

Market sagement as external stakeholders. which is a group of consumers who have similar demands as other consumers but besides have different demands in other markets is besides need to be considered. As the selling should concentrate on all thing possible purchasers of the company’s merchandises or services. To cover with market. both general wants form the clients and specific wants from the clients should be considered. A selling program refers the external stakeholder analysis. The added value delivered organize the selling can be more intangible such the thought of the merchandises or a life manner that could be adopted by the consumers. For illustration Tesco provides and marketing recycle shopping bags for the consumers. This sort of actions are really supplying life manners for the people. Or the particular Red Edition of Apple iPod is seeking to convey the thought or people who have HIV. This is besides some intangible added value that the administration can supply to the external stakeholders.

HRM as Business Function
Human Resource Management ( HRM ) as a concern map is ever considered as a map or concern tool to cover with internal stakeholders within the company. It is non doubt that HRM is more about pull offing people in the administration. but when a company can pull off the employee good and can work out struggle inside the company. the company can be more productive and efficient. As it was discuss in the operation direction portion. the internal operation direction on people should be efficient and effectiveness. Different people in the administration should be treated otherwise to gauge their maximal power and made them to do more part to the administration. When the company salvage money on unneeded costs on other things. the company can pass more on supplying best merchandise with added value to the clients.

A good pull offing manner of an administration can besides convey added value to other administration as external stakeholders. Other administrations in other concern or even same concern can follow a successful theoretical account of a company can use on their ain employees. Furthermore. a successful HRM can convey high efficiency on the internal communications. This will allow the employees more understand the construct and merchandises or service of the company. When employees particularly staff who working in retailing company covering with clients. they can supply more information about the merchandises or services to the clients which will heighten the opportunity of purchasing merchandises or utilizing services. Although HRM is more focal point on the internal direction. but it do conveying added values to the external stakeholders.

Finance as Business Function
Fiance study is a cardinal index of an administration. There are several external stakeholders of an administration. each of them will hold added value brought by the administration. For illustration investors and their advisors can reexamine how much benefits they have gor organize the company by merely reexamine the one-year finance study of the company. The employees and their representation groups bring added value direct to their company which means indirectly they bring added values to the stockholders of the company. Lenders can acquire added values from the company if the company operate good and maintain healthy running every twelvemonth. Suppliers and other trade payables provide merchandises or service to the administration will acquire net income from an administration. with good nexus with a company. they might acquire added values such as committedness or long-run contracts from the administration which decidedly are added value to them.

Customers are one of the bulk income of an administration. The administration relies on the client to convey income to the company. Customers can acquire added value through finance such as reappraisal the finance study for the administration. These added value can be intangible such as the the trust on the administration or trade name trueness to the administration as the company demoing healthy running on finance. A good finance study makes client experience the company is dependable and experience safe from them. Governments and their bureaus can reexamine the execution of their policy through reappraisal the finance study. The company make finance part to the local economic system and besides convey added values such as occupation chance and concern chance to other concern in the regional countries through fiscal activities.


Stakeholders and concern activities are ever linked together. Business map aid the administration in good operation and convey benefits to the administration. Different concern map and procedure demand to be integrated and implemented across the whole administration. To understand the running of concern maps. what added value can concern map and procedure bring to the administration and stakeholders is of import. Furthermore. to understand how administrations can act upon stakeholders and how external stakeholders can act upon the concern procedure of the administration is besides really of import. A good direction demands strategic determination doing on each subdivisions in the administration. besides the administration needs strategic monitoring and controlling of the administration. Troubles will go on in the operation direction of a administration. to undertand and use declaration and theory into the work will assist the administration to decide job and do the procedure of the concern on a healthy manner.


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