Business Information Systems

4 April 2015
A discussion of three computer jobs and how they inter-relate.

This paper outlines the necessity of computers in today’s society and emphasizes the fact that computers do not perform without the aid of people. To support this claim, the writer describes three professions essential to information systems.
The first person that we will discuss is the Computer Systems Analyst. This person is responsible for analyzing the needs of a business and designing a computer system to meet their needs. They also constantly evaluate existing systems and devise ways to improve production, work flow, or expand new systems for new purposes (COG 541). Their job requires a thorough knowledge of all phases of an operation so that they can best design a system to meet the customer’s needs. They design systems for all phases of an operation including operations planning, monitoring, testing, accounting, forecasting, coordination, scheduling, and many other areas. They may design the company’s entire system, or in larger companies, they may work as a team and be responsible for only a small part of it.

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