Business Plan

1 January 2017

A complete natural source of electricity produced from Bryophyllum plants which are scientifically proven. 2) A renewable version of contemporary electricity solution capable of running any sort of machineries or equipment. 3) An electricity generation plant which is significantly more environment friendly and will replace the extensive use of gas, coal in electricity generation. 4) Bangladesh’s weather condition is very much favorable for the production of raw materials (Bryophyllum plants).

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Bryophyllum plants can be cultivated in any sort of soil even as an indoor plant. 5) Bryophyllum plants are enriched with the elements like Chlorine (Cl? ), Iron (Fe++), Malic Acid, Iso-citric Acid, Citric Acid which ultimately generate electricity under controlled environment. No additional chemicals are required 6) Vegetative Propagation that is the leaf of the plant can be used as seed. 7) The blend of the Bryophyllum plants’ leaf will continue to generate electricity unless it dries out. 8) Vertical production method will ensure the proper utilization of the land.

Vision: “Our vision is to bridge the demand supply gap of electricity in Bangladesh through electricity generation from Bryophyllum plants for the first time in Bangladesh. ” Need Identification Electricity sector in Bangladesh is undergoing a very difficult stage since the gap between demand and supply is almost about 500 Mega Watt (MW) daily. Current daily production capacity of all the plants is 4000 MW at max while the demand is 4500 MW and the production gap is increasing everyday for fast increasing demand. Moreover:

Natural gas reserve, the major component for electricity generation, is declining significantly day by day. # Coal based power plants are not environmental friendly and the extraction of coal is critical to environmental hazards. So, there is an urgent need of alternative renewable source of electricity generation. Exactly here lies our market. Target Market Our overall target market is whole Bangladesh where people DO Not get electricity service or suffer from problem like load-shedding . More precisely our target segments will be as follows: 1) Housing companies:

Under this segment we will establish a central electricity generation plant in commercial housing areas like ‘Bashundhara Residential Area’, ‘Purbachal Residential Area’ as well as upcoming city expansions. 2) Developers: Under this segment we will target developers like Concord, Asset, Sheltec, Advance etc. and will establish building integrated electricity generation plant which will generate electricity for the whole building. 3) Agricultural Segment:

We will establish electricity generation plant which will generate electricity for irrigation pump and other machineries which will ultimately boost up the agricultural production. ) Village Segment : Under this segment villages will be selected where electricity is not available and required number of plants will be established to ensure smooth electricity service. 5) Home Solution: In individual families will replace traditional IPS and will be able to recharge the IPS through the ‘Liquid Bryophyllum plants. ’ 6) Market of ‘Liquid Bryophyllum’ Every plant and every home kit will create the market of ‘Liquid Bryophyllum’ which will be a major source of our revenue. Production Process: Bryophyllum leaves contain chlorine, iron, Malic acid, citric acid and also a large portion of water.

When blended leaves come to contact with air a chemical reaction occurs where chlorine and iron become ionized. Then the use of copper and zinc plates ultimately produce DC electricity which finally gets converted into AC electricity Leave Collection > Blend > Chemical Reaction > DC Electricity > Converter > AC Electricity > Consumption Capacity: Generally, 1 kg blend of bryophyllum produces 60V of AC electricity per second or 60W of power. That means to generate 500MW of power only 8300 Metric Tons of bryophyllum leaves is required which will be collected through own cultivation and contract farming.

It might be noted that this 8300 Metric Tons of leaves will continue to generate electricity up to four months. Marketing and distribution Phase 1 | Prototype Village In phase 1 we will develop a prototype village with green electricity plant. This village will be the ground for our massive media coverage and business expansion. # This prototype village will be a demonstrative project which will explain the feasibility and practicality of our electricity generation plant. # All the news medias will be deliberately involved to gain the attention of the concerned parties.

Phase 2 |Plant in Tourist Spot-Saint Martin Since Saint Martin is a remote Island having no electricity it’s not possible to provide electricity using traditional grid lines. As a result this plant will ensure the following things: # In Saint Martin people from various segments of the society will get to know the soundness of our electricity generation plant. # This plant will ensure national and international exposure since local and foreign tourists frequently visit Saint Martin. Phase 3 | 360° Coverage In phase three the extensive promotional activities will be undertaken to ensure the following things: Different teams will contact with parties like housing companies and developers with plant details.

A “Green Electricity Plant Fair” will be arranged where people will come and see different prototype plants. The interested parties will be entertained accordingly. # CSR activities will be endeavored in phase 3 which indeed will gear up our branding. Price of the product # The price of per unit electricity will be same as set by Government owned ….. DESCO # In case of ‘Liquid Bryophyllum’ the cost plus profit method will be used. Risk Factor:

Natural calamity may hamper leaf cultivation, government rules & regulations etc. Bankability: It is very obvious that our target market is very obvious and unnerved in some cases and acute demand supply gap exists in the market. Besides the risk factors are not significantly alarming rather controllable in most of the cases. So our project is expected to be very much feasible and bankable. Competitive Environment: It’s a pioneer project in Bangladesh and the market demand is huge. so the competitive environment is favorable for our project.

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