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2 February 2017

Infinite Sausage and Tocino Company is a Wholesaler and a Retailer. D. Statement of Financing Need II. Executive Summary III. Description of Venture A. Product and Service * Tocino – Pork A popular recipe handed down from Spanish and Chinese kitchen wizards in the Philippines long ago. Infinite Sausage and Tocino is Philippine style, sliced and seasoned pork cured to perfection. Improved upon in taste, treatment and texture by doting, Infinite Sausage has been hailed by many families,tasteful, exotic preparation of pork recipes.

Try this delicious taste for yourself today, and be sure to try our Chicken Tocino as well! * Lumpia – Chicken Infinite Chicken Lumpia comes ready to cook, no mixing ingredients, no wrapping, just cook and enjoy! Serve as a delicious appetizer, side dish, or entree. Also, try Infinite Pork and Beef Lumpia * Lumpia – Pork Infinite Pork Lumpia is a Philippine style egg roll that has mixed vegetables and pork. The egg roll wrapper is a special concoction in itself. Great for all kinds of parties, picnics, or just treating the family to a great meal.

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Infinite Lumpia always caries a distinct native Filipino flavoring all its own. Also, try Infinite Chicken and Beef Lumpia today! * Philippine BBQ Stick Infinite Philippine BBQ Sticks are delicious pork pieces marinated with a special blend of juices and spices for maximum flavor and tenderness, and placed on a skewer for easy barbeque grilling and enjoyment! * Adobo – Pork Infinite Pork Adobo is a delicious blend of tender cooked pork, covered in a mouth watering sauce, and carefully simmered to perfection.

Infinite Adobo comes ready to eat, in a boilable plastic bag, that you simply drop in boiling water, heat, and serve. A classic Filipino dish that can be enjoyed in just minutes! * Longanisa – Pork This Spanish-American influenced prime-mixture sausage prepared with pineapple juice and other authentic Filipino spices are hearty favorites during any time of the day. The built-in good and homey taste in every pack of this Filipino longanisa makes it one of the most sought after food items under the Infinite brand.

And because it is so easy and convenient to prepare anytime, you’ll surely make it a favorite part of your regular family fare. * Tocino – Chicken Chicken Tocino is a new taste from the Infinite family. Combining the same special seasoning as Infinite Pork Tocino, with the fresh taste of Chicken. Try it, and your taste buds will thank you! * Beef Tapa Infinte Beef Tapa is sliced and cured beef. This has been seasoned and tenderized for a unique taste that will sure please the taste buds. * Embotido A popular favorite whenever special friend gets together during holidays.

Infinite Embotido combines cured pork, vegetables, and cured dark turkey to create a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy. A recipe that has been influenced by Spanish cooking that has been handed down to generations. A tasty entree, great as canaps or for anytime of the day. Best of all, Infinite Embotido is fast to prepare because Infinite Embotido is fully cooked, just heat, serve, and enjoy! B. Size of Business Macro Business The macro environment includes economic, technological, societal and governmental influences. A retailer must understand the role of each to compete within the retail industry.

The macro environment consists of anything and everything from the world outside of a business, which could have an effect on it. Being aware of these factors and being ready to adapt and change with them is crucial for a business to stay relevant over a prolonged period of time. Infinite Sausage and tocino provides us with some great examples of how businesses adapt and change, and it is one of the biggest worldwide corporations. If it has to keep changing and reinventing itself, then it shows businesses of any size really need to be aware of macro environmental factors.

Generally there is a trend toward more appealing and attractive brews as potential customers either are moving to the urban areas as a result of urbanization or are satisfied with an existing brew in their area. Research indicates that those in the rural areas are often satisfied with the existing brew due to lack of access to other higher-quality brews, whilst the new generation of executives being more educated and aware of the global environment wants to be seen drinking something attractive and recognized by others–status recognition.

In addition this same market is not only more image conscious but appreciative of a quality brew as it is more selective. Therefore with the emergence of this generation of individuals, the appreciation of quality brews and packaging, dictates that our product lines will be popular. C. Office Equipment and Personnel * Computers and monitors * Printers * Photocopiers * Fax machines * Telephones * Vending and hot drink machines * Energy labelling schemes Personnel: Top Management Positions * Rochel Cabanada is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President.

This person will be the driving force behind the company; she will make things happen, put together the resources to support the company and take the product to the market place. * Junilyn Rena Cuizon is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vice President of Operations or General Manager. An organizer, an inside manager or an operations person, this person is the one who will make sure company operations flow smoothly and economically. She is responsible for making certain that necessary work is done properly and on time.

An understanding of details of the business and an enjoyment of handling details are necessary. * Princess Pacaro is the Vice President of Marketing or Marketing Manager. Few businesses can be successful without marketing their products to the customer. The individual in this slot must have both marketing and industry experience. * Queenie Galamiton is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller. You may wish to establish two positions or combine both roles into one. The responsibility of one role is to seek money; that is, to look for investors and deal with banks, lenders, etc.

This function also could be assigned to another team member, such as the CEO or the General Manager. The responsibility in the Controller role is to manage money and watch over the assets of the company. It is not uncommon to have the same individual seek money and manage money. * Arcie Yorong is the Vice President of Production or Production Manager. Good production managers with specific industry knowledge and experience are sometimes difficult to find. In the beginning, you may subcontract some production. Key Personnel * Lyon Nickolai Sazon is the Operations manager.

This individual is the leader for the operation and has overall responsibility for the financial success of the business. The operations manager handles external relations with lenders, community leaders and vendors. Frequently, this individual also is in charge of either production or marketing for the business. This person will set in motion the vision, strategic plan and goals for the business. * Rodel Besas is the Purchasing manager. Duties of this position may be filled by either or both the general manager/top management person and the office manager.

The supervisor or lead person often also is involved. IV. Industry Analysis A. Analysis of Competitors Our key personnel have a wide and thorough knowledge of the local manufacturing market and expertise, which will go towards penetrating the market. However we acknowledge our weakness of a medium-sized company without a lot of experience, and the threat of new competition taking aim at our niche. Below are the summarized strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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