Business Plan Oil and Gas Business

12 December 2016

It can be utilized for the following 5 years with changes in relevant areas as more information comes in or changes in the market. 4. 1Product Description Artificial Lift Artificial Lift involves the use of artificial means to increase the flow of liquids, such as crude oil or water, to the surface of a production well. Generally this is achieved by a mechanical device inside the well, such as a pump; decreasing the weight of the liquid/gas mixture via high pressure gas; or improving the lift efficiency of the well via velocity strings or Insert string.

Artificial lift is needed in wells when there is insufficient pressure in the reservoir to lift the liquid to the surface, but often used in naturally flowing wells (which don’t technically need it) in order to increase the flow rate above what would flow naturally. The produced fluid can be oil and/or water, typically with some amount of gas included. The artificial lift provides additional energy to the system such that the fluids can be lifted to surface. The most common method of artificial lift in oil wells is to use pumps.

Business Plan Oil and Gas Business Essay Example

Other types of commonly used pumps are Electric Submersible Pump (ESP’s), Progressing-Cavity pumps (PCP’s), Jet Pumps, and Hydraulic Pumps. These pump systems must be installed in the well down hole. They also include a ground-level power-supplier device that can be mechanical (rod pumps and PCP’s), electrical (ESP’s), or even hydraulic (jet and hydraulic pumps). ESP is more common than SHJP and PCP in Malaysia Different types are discussed below 4. 1. 1Rod Pump

The most recognized type is the rod pump (also called a sucker rod pump, beam pump, or “Nodding Donkey”) seen in land based oil fields world wide but uncommon in Malaysia. The rod pump works by creating a reciprocating motion in a sucker-rod string that connects to the downhole pump assembly. The pump contains a plunger and valve assembly to convert the reciprocating motion to vertical fluid movement. This type of pump is used in low rate wells where 10’s to 100’s of barrels of liquid are produced per day.Electric Submersible Pumps consist of three parts, a downhole pump and motor, electric power cable from the pump to the surface and surface controls to operate the pump. The centrifugal pump (the part that introduces energy to the fluid) attaches to the the bottom of the production tubing and couples to a submersible electric motor that turns the pump. The power cable connects the surface control system to the downhole motor. ESP’s are a very versatile artificial lift method and can be found in operating

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