Business Should Do Anything They Can to Make Profit

9 September 2016

Nowadays, business plays a very important role in our daily lives. The more profit a business makes, the more successful it is. Some people think that businesses should do anything they can to make maximum profits. However, in my opinion, businesses should not do anything that break the law or do harm to our environment and think of customers beforehand.

First and foremost, this kind of action is violating the business laws. Once the business company break the laws, its corporate image will be destroyed, and people will no longer trust this company ever again. Moreover, there are still some businesses which release disposal into our environment without purification, and then a company has polluted the air, water and soil. As a result, when we breathe, drink and eat, we take the deposits which may make us ill. Secondly, businessmen should think of their customers in advance.

For a business to flourish, having as many clients as possible is necessary to make more profits. Making just any decision like illegal price increase will scare them and many of them will turn to vendors with affordable price. This is what a lot of businesses do and they lost many customers which may lead to the fall of the business. However, for some people, money is really important for their daily lives. They do business with the main purpose of obtaining money.

They can do anything to earning more money and develop their business but should do in legal ways. By doing this, the money they get is certainly worthy and do not harm anyone as well as the environment. In conclusion, business should not be allowed to do anything they want to make profit. Also, there are many things that businessmen have to do in order to make more money but a number of things should be taken into consideration before enforcing certain decisions. These include their consciousness in working and the customers they serve.

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