Business up front/Party in the Back by Family Force 5

12 December 2019

Family Force 5 is hands down an awesome crunk band. What is crunk you say? Well crunk is a mixture of styles of music. Crunk can be a mixture of many types of music, but in most cases it’s like Family Force 5, Punk/Party music. Now don’t get me wrong here, this is a weird mix, but you have to listen to it to appreciate it.

Now, the album Business up Front/Party in the Back is a revolutionary album to the world of crunk, it brings it all together. In the second song of the album, Kountry Gentleman, it explains the name of the album. Business up front, Party in the Back is referring to the hair style the mullet. Family Force 5 was born and raised in good ‘ole Atlanta, Georgia. The three brothers of the band, Soul Glow Activatur, Crouton, and Fatty were originally a group called The Brothers, they did a more nSync style of music. Crouton and Fatty were about 11, and Soul Glow was about 13. Crouton and Fatty are twins, so that explains the age likenesses. Now, the album creates a perfect representation of what Family Force 5 is all about. At first they would seem like any other band, until you get to know exactly what they are about. They are about spreading the love of God. That is their objective in the music industry. They are christians, but at first glance, you would not expect that at all. Some people who don’t know call them gay, but they are not. Some are married. Not all of them, but they aren’t gay. The album features great hits like “Love Addict”, “Kountry Gentleman”, “Drama Queen”, and “Supersonic. These are some of the most popular, but the others are great also. I would definitely suggest checking this band out 5/5 stars.

Business up front/Party in the Back by Family Force 5 Essay Example

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