Busta Rhymes – Genesis

9 September 2019

“Genesis,”released in November, is Busta Rhymes’ fifth album, and it is definitely abanger. Even though his last CD was a hit, this is, without a doubt, better. Thisalbum was made in less than a year and has 20 tracks. Busta has done it againwith his unbelievable lyrics that he spits out at a Speedy Gonzalesrate.

Busta didn’t forget about his family, Flipmode, when he made thisalbum and Mary J. Blige, Kelis, Kokane, Jahiem and many others are featured.

“Genesis” already has two singles (“Break Ya Neck”and “As I Come Back”) with videos.

This CD will definitely goplatinum, it may even go three-times platinum. I recommend it to all who likerap. “Genesis” has a mad, crazy energy to it. It is without a doubtBusta’s best creation. It still has his speed, which he is well known for, but italso has new unholdable beats. You just need to hear it for yourself. So, whatare you doing sitting there? Go to the store and get one before they’re sold out.Go!

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