Butterfly Decadence by 1000 Funerals

1 January 2020

1000 Funerals is an atmospheric funeral doom metal band from Iran. Within the first minute of their second album, “Butterfly Decadence,” you will see what I mean when I say “atmospheric.” When you hear raindrops hitting the ground and birds chirping, a scene of serene nature fills your mind. As the soft sounds of a choir grow in the background, the scene moves to a clearing in the forest on an early spring morning. Tension builds as the sounds become louder. You then hear two drum beats, as if to warn that business is about to pick up.

The first song, “Sutured Lips,” comes crashing in with a massive presence. The scene in your head doesn’t stop as the drummer unleashes his booming fury, which blends with the rain. A man in tights comes out of the trees and begins to play a flute. The guitarist stands on a tree stump and plays his low, demonic chords to the beat of his own oppression. The song continues, slow and brooding, until the instruments fade, leaving our peaceful wooded area in ruins.

Butterfly Decadence by 1000 Funerals Essay Example

Now, don’t get me wrong; this album isn’t just about the atmosphere the music creates. If you’re looking for that, check out 1000 Funerals’ first album, “Portrait of a Dream.” “Butterfly Decadence” has more of a proper funeral doom sound while maintaining the creepy yet beautiful style fans know and love. This is found on the second and heaviest track, “Of Love Then Deceit.” After a two-minute piano intro, the crunchy guitars and humongous drumming descend, and the vocalist makes his first appearance. He’s making noises that wouldn’t be out of place on a scenic tour of hell. Even if you can’t understand a thing he’s saying, his sound speaks for itself.

Every song is full of beauty and disharmony. Subtle tracks like “Nothing Has Ever Been” and the title track are just as effective as the heavier ones at getting listeners’ attention. If the thunderous sound doesn’t get you, the creepiness of the end of the title track will: “The world is teeming with unnecessary people. It’s God’s decision that I fight. As a knight of honor, as a protector of the seal, I sacrifice myself to the blood of criminals.”

Listening yet? I thought so.

Dark, atmospheric, heavy, ­elegant, “Butterfly Decadence” has incredible power. The only problem is, it’s monotonous. If you don’t have a really large attention span, this album won’t be easy to listen to. You’ve got to let it sink in and digest. As weird as it sounds, you’ve got to appreciate the monotony. It’s not for everybody, but if you understand it and what it does, you’ll adore it.

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