Buying Behavior and Sales Process

A study in the buying behavior and process of a company.

This paper examines the buying behavior of corporate clients and the processes of selling to clients. The paper uses the company PDI as a research example, the methodology used are interviews, company website, company brochure and press releases. The paper describes the factors in selecting a company to provide products and services, including the value proposition, reputation, pricing and the benefits.
“The company that will be discussed in this paper is PDI. PDI has been in operation since 1987 and was originally formed as a division of a medical advertising agency, DF Communications. In early 1990, the founder traded his equity position in DF Communications for full ownership of PDI and created an entrepreneurial company focused on developing innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, PDI successfully provided sales and marketing solutions for 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers and implemented many “firsts” that revolutionized the way prescription drugs were sold and marketed.

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