By Means Of Power Essay Research Paper

10 October 2017

By Means Of Power Essay, Research Paper

By Means of Power

Both Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde, in their several verse forms entitled Power, convey the thought that 1s individuality and sense of worth is defined by what they are willing to give up. This message is energized by the emotion the writers evoke through their ability to pass on a sense of experience. It is this experience as female parents and extremely intelligent women’s rightists that allow us to experience the unconditioned lovingness towards humanity they are promoting in their verse forms.

In the gap lines of Lordes Power, & # 8220 ; The difference between poesy and rhetoric/is being/ready to kill/yourself/instead of your kids & # 8221 ; ( 1-5 ) , she instantly stresses the importance of seting your kid before yourself. This is a metaphor for seting the demands of what is genuinely of import before the demands of oneself. It is non merely stated merely and bluffly, but the manner the lines are broken up accent the thought. & # 8220 ; Ready to kill & # 8221 ; ( 3 ) is on its ain line, while & # 8220 ; yourself & # 8221 ; ( 4 ) is on the following. This is the subject that is running throughout the full verse form.

In the following subdivision of Lordes poem she describes a surreal state of affairs. This is where her boy has been shot, likely in the face. Although & # 8220 ; blood from his pierced cheeks and shoulders/is the lone liquid for stat mis & # 8221 ; ( 9-10 ) , & # 8220 ; my oral cavity splits into dry lips & # 8221 ; ( 12 ) . With the decease of her male child she is willing to give her ain demand of any extinction of her lips. She is & # 8220 ; thirsting for the wetness of his blood & # 8221 ; ( 14 ) but it is more of import to defy the enticement, & # 8220 ; seeking to do power out of hatred and devastation & # 8221 ; ( 18 ) .

The power displayed in the 3rd subdivision of Lordes Power is that of hate. A police officer has & # 8220 ; shot down a 10-year-old in Queens & # 8221 ; ( 21 ) . This he justifies by stating & # 8220 ; I didn t notice the size or nil else/only the colour & # 8221 ; ( 26-27 ) . This officer has taken the power entrusted into him by the citizens and used it for his ain good. Or non even his ain good but what he might see good to his people. This straight opposes what Lorde was stating at the beginning of the verse form. He is non ready to kill himself alternatively of his kids. And although he has really killed a male child here that is non the lone

thing he has killed. He killed the thought of leting person else to hold involvements above what he might hold with.

That same officer was acquitted for his offenses in the undermentioned subdivision of the verse form. The people who had the power to convey him to justice abused that power and by puting him free. The & # 8220 ; 11 white work forces who said they were satisfied/justice had been done & # 8221 ; ( 31-32 ) besides used their power in Numberss to pervert the power of the one adult females who likely had the decency and power to cognize right from incorrect. & # 8220 ; they had dragged her 4 10 & # 8243 ; black adult female s frame/over the hot coals of four centuries of white male approval/until she let travel of the first existent power she of all time had & # 8221 ; ( 35-37 ) . She had the chance to do a difference and she let her power go to the roadside.

In looking at Adrienne Rich s Power one senses the same subject as in that of Lorde s Power. This is the dogma that 1 must set the good of a greater or another before that of oneself. This is what gives people true power and is apparent in Rich s word picture of Marie Curie.

Marie Curie was born in Poland and would go celebrated for her research into radiation. She died as a consequence of this research and the over-exposure to the component she was working with. In life with the cognition that she was enduring from complaints due to her work Curie she became a more sceptered and powerful individual. The thought that & # 8220 ; she must hold known she suffered from radiation illness & # 8221 ; ( 7 ) yet continued on in the hunt proved that & # 8220 ; her lesions came from the same beginning as her power & # 8221 ; ( 17 ) . The lesions were her power. Curie knew that she had suffered and did non endorse down or fall to the roadside, she was up for the challenge. & # 8220 ; The element/she had purified & # 8221 ; ( 9 ) was of import for the greater good of world, and Curie put that before herself.

The strong beliefs that the people these two writers herald in their plants are some of the noblest. There is no manner to understand the power these adult females feel in standing for what they believe in. The belief that making for others is more of import than making for yourself and that in bend you will have a sense of power that merely comes in non inquiring for it is greater than any sense of power taken by force or fraud.

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