By Owl Post

3 March 2019

When I was thirteen years old, I held in my hand a crisp, new copy of the latest in the magical book series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My heart pounded, my stomach had butterflies, and I suddenly couldn’t stand still. I was holding in my hand the novel I had been waiting for since I had read the very first book, nine years ago. As I was walking to the car in my glorified thoughts, I started reading the first page, then the second, then the third, and twelve hours later I had finished it, in all its magnificent brilliance. Harry was the love of my life.

I’ll admit that I did rather hope that I would receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter by owl post when I turned eleven. But even though my disappointment has long since faded, my passion for reading and writing that was influenced by my love of the popular book series has not disappeared. As Harry came of age, so have I. Like Harry, I learned that perseverance, compassion, and loyalty are very important traits to possess. My first two years of high school were very difficult for me. I had a small group of friends, but I was quiet and did not have much confidence. My grades suffered. Reading books helped me escape into someone else’s world. I could forget about my life and imagine this brilliant fantasy world that J.K. Rowling created.

By Owl Post Essay Example

When I transferred to a public school, I had a fresh start. There were more opportunities, and I liked that this new public high school was more diverse than the private school I had previously attended. However, it came with drawbacks. I had lost some of the credits that I had earned previously, resulting in me being held back a grade. I was angered at first, but then I decided that whatever I could do, I would do to assure that I graduated on time. My junior year was filled with summer school and evening school. Even though I would not have chosen this, I learned a valuable lesson. Perseverance and determination at achieving personal goals always pays off in the end. My new-found self-confidence allowed me to pursue my own jewelry business and take private voice lessons, sail the Chesapeake and enter a beauty pageant.
Oh, and as to that letter by owl post?
I’m still waiting.

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