Cabin Relaxation

1 January 2019

The feeling of being content can be achieved in a variety of places for many people. There is always that one setting you love and feel the most protected, satisfied, and calm in. For me, I love my parents’ little blue cabin.

Off a country road, a half mile into the woods, sits my comfort. The trees are surrounding me everywhere I turn, making me feel protected. The only sound you hear is the crackling of leaves and chirps of birds afar. The gunk filled pond is a relaxing sight, reflecting even nature is not perfect. No worries, when I’m laying in the hammock made of rope. I do not have to think about school or work. My mind is able to wonder around like a lost dog.

Inside the cabin is dark and musky, but the peace still remains. Pictures hang on the wall showing the memories created there, making the cabin feel like home.

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The old couch gives more comfort than most humans, just by how broke in it is. The kitchen table is adjacent to a big window overlooking the pond. I could sit at the oak table for hours, just gleaming at nature’s beauty.

When I was younger, I did not feel the relaxation of being at the cabin, as I do now. As a child, I did not have many responsibilities and so I felt relaxed mostly everywhere. My dad always told me I would appreciate it more when I got older and he was keenly right. I wish I could go up the long driveway more than I already do.

In the future, when I have kids of my own, I want to take them up to the cabin to feel the relaxation. I hope they sense the same feelings I do. It is not the cleanest place or most amusing but nothing beats being at the little blue cabin, in the middle of nowhere.

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