Cac card

6 June 2016

I am writing this essay because I made a very irresponsible mistake and lost my military identificstion card. I realize all the down sides to losing your military id and I also realize in the end it comes done to accountability and responsibility, which by losing my military id I showed a lack of both those traits. I can ensure that this mistake will never be made again, once I get my new military id I will most definstely be extra careful of where I place my card and I will always be aware of where my military id is. Since losing my military identificstion card I have learned that nothing good can come of losing my military id.

Theres several major issues to losing a military identification card, one of the biggest problems is the security threat it brings about. Since this card is no longer in my possession who knows who could have gotten ahold of it, if it were to come into the hands of the wrong person, said person would be able to have access to almost any military installation, they would have access to any government computer or network, having access to that would give them an opportunity to steal any information relating to anything that couldn’t threaten national security.

Cac card Essay Example

Having my military identification card would also give them access to all my personal information, medical information, and anything else they would need to commit identity theft against me. Losing my military ID also poses a problem in my everyday work routine. Since I no longer have my military ID it’s a huge hassle just to get to work and than to also get back home since I have to go through base security in order to go to either place. I also can no longer gain access to any computer at work, so I am no longer able to complete any online training courses, any kind of work that would require computer access, and I can not access amy of my mypay information.

Statistcly around fifteen common access cards are either stolen or lost every day, with only about five percent of them ever being turned back in, which means theres a very small chance that my military identification card would ever be found by the wrong person. Even if that’s true its still no excuse for losing my military ID,

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