"California Gurls" by Katy Perry

9 September 2019

As I watched this year’s MTV movie awards, one performance made me scrunch my face. Personally, I like Katy Perry and some of her music. Although, in the past week, I’ve been hearing this annoying song over and over about stereotypical california girls.

It’s not the stereotypes and the provacative words I do not like. It is the timbre of the music. I cannot sing every lyric, but if i tried I’d probably start singing “Tik Tok”. That is not good in anyway. I believe it sounds a lot like Ke$ha and to be honest, that music is annoying, I change the radio station every time I hear it.
Katy Perry did good job with the glam, but the stage outline was horrific. It was soo cheesy, I’m now lactose intolerant. Note that I even made that little joke cheesy to help you realize how cheesy it was (my joke and her song both).
Another part I cannot stand is the provactive implies. I usually don’t care, but with the upbeat additude it ruins it. Overall, aftr listening to it more and more and not listening to the lyrics, I can enjoy myself and have a great time like to any other cheesy pop song out there.

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