Caligula Review

4 April 2015
This essay reviews the movie discussing content, historical accuracy, and relevance.

This paper is a historical film review on the controversial movie “Caligula” based on the life of Gaius Caesar. It reviews the movie for content and historical accuracy and context. The author examines the early popularity of the Roman emperor, as well as his life as a sexual deviant and sadist, and his fall from grace. The paper also discusses the controversy surrounding the film’s production.
Gaius Caesar, 12 AD to 41 AD, the fourth Caesar, was Roman Emperor from 37 A.D to 41 A.D. He was the great-nephew- adopted grandson- of Tiberius and the son of the Roman General Germanicus, Encarta. He earned the nickname Caligula as a very young child traveling with his parents. He was said to wear a miniature military uniform and became a sort of mascot for the Roman army, Grant, as mentioned in the early scenes of the movie, Caligula, about his reign as Emperor. The movie, produced by Penthouse Films, was a very graphic and sexually explicit look at Gaius? rise to power and eminent fall. Although the entire film was full of gratuitous nudity and violence, it was actually a very informative and historically accurate portrayal, if not cinematically or artistically valuable.

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