Caligula – The Corruption of Power by Anthony Barrett

4 April 2015
A general criticism of Barrett’s book about Roman leader Gaius Caesars (a.k.a. Caligula).

A critical discussion on Caligula – The Corruption of Power written by Anthony Barrett in his attempt to show that this Roman leader was not the bloodthirsty, evil person that is depicted in many historical works. The paper takes the works of ancient historian Suetonius as an example of bias towards Caligula by depicting him as a monster, and illustrates how Barrett contradicts these claims in his book.
Barrett’s bias is to rehabilitate the image of Caligula. This is a huge conflict throughout the entire book, where Barrett only uses certain passages and ideas from Suetonius’ book, but contradicts other parts of it. This is shown consistently with the image of Caligula. Suetonius shows how bad of an emperor Caligula was and how he had what was coming to him. As Barrett points out, there is no archaeological evidence to back up certain parts of what Suetonius says, accusing hearsay.
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