Calling The Earth To Witness(2007) by Darkwater

This is a strange one. Yeah, I’m going deeper and deeper underground here because some of these guys need more exposure than they get. Darkwater is a Swedish Progressive Metal group that seem to have great influence to Power metal band Symphony X, Opeth and maybe Tool even. So far, they have only released two albums with this being their debut.
This is an nine track album that has an overall length of about 62 minutes. You may also find two epics here which are Habit and The Play, which is in two parts. You’ll find this album very atmospheric and very beautiful sounding with its fluttering pianos and Symphony X inspired riffing, though less complex. Also, many of the tracks are gonna be pretty long normally hovering in the nine minute mark or higher so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have an attention span less than 10 minutes give or take. Yes while it is only nine tracks, it has some epics that may not be for the faint of heart. The dark ambience, a more Tool or Opeth thing, is also fitting in this album, at least for me anyways. To me, it seems to fit well with maybe the album cover(kind of silly yes but bare with me) and some of the guitar and bass work on this album which is mostly slow tempoed and some beautiful, fluttering piano chords as I’ve explained above. I would hope these guys are still around because two albums isn’t really enough, 2010 was their the year for their last album too so it’s been about four or five years since then at the time of me writing this. I can’t find much wrong here, though I wouldn’t give it a perfect score, but close.
I give this album a 9.8/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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