Camp Bow Wow

10 October 2016

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Bow Wow The three broad management skills used by Camp Bow Wow managers are conceptual skills, human skills, and technical skill. Both managers at Camp Bow Wow use all three management skills. They both use conceptual skills and try to figure out tough situations that are not manageable and turn it in to manageable and also make sure that their new hires are trained the right way by promoting and mentoring new staff.

Both of managers also use human skills. The managers make sure they motivate their employees. Sue the owner of the camp expectations are that her customers are happy with everything they did and want them to know that they have done everything to make their customer happy with their. Both managers try to make sure that the customers are happy and also that do everything to make the dogs safe and happy as well.

Sue the owner has her camp counselor’s do a bit of everything at Camp Bow Wow. She makes sure the counselors can balance the dogs, answering phones, booking reservations and working the front desk properly. To keep Camp Bow wow efficiently the counselors and the managers make sure keep and follow a daily schedule plane for the dogs. This includes activities like grooming, outdoor exercise, food, baths, and medical support.

The managers try to make sure to balance customer service as effective and efficient, by trying to satisfy their customers with their service and also try to get the job done without any grey spots, because it’s important to the counselors and managers that their customers know that the counselors care about their dogs. The counselors and the managers do not want their customers to think that they only care about their efficient at Camp Bow Wow.

They want them to feel that it’s more than that and want the customers to come back in the future. Two activities that leaders at Camp Bow Wow perform daily are making sure that the Pooches get a lot of personal attention, they both managers make sure that the dogs are groomed right, that they get their outdoor exercise and also get the medical support they need. This is very important to them because they want their customers to be satisfied and that they care about the dogs and also come back in the future for more service.

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