Camp Meeting and Social Reform

4 April 2018

It is worth studying today because you get to know the kind of music they listen used to listen to. Discuss how the artifact relates to a major event in U. S. History.

The event that this artifact best relates to was the Second Great Awakening. This happened around the year’s sass and 1 7405. One reason this event occurred was because religious reasons Tell me what happened during this event. People participated in this event through three main ways: 1 .In antebellum America a religious revival called the second great awakening exulted 2. 3. Important people involved included: Many participants were women because Explain the meaning of “social reform .

Camp Meeting and Social Reform Essay Example

‘i Discuss how this event relates to social reform. Give an example. Social reform is Social reform relates to this event because An example of a social reform directly related to the Because .

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