Camping Descriptive

9 September 2016

Every year my family and I take a camping trip somewhere in the Olympic National Park. As soon as I see that sign saying “Welcome to the Olympic National Park” I get a tingly feeling in my stomach that makes me happy. I roll down the window and smell that wonderful campfire smell of roasted hot dogs and smores, I finally know I have reached my wonderful destination. When we first arrive we set up our tents at the campsite faster than elves making presents on Christmas Eve.

I could hear the nice clean, glistening lake calling my name so I go for a swim. Every year I learn something new up there and the best thing I learned was how to fish and clean their scaly bodies. As the day grows old the temperature would go down and we make a fire that puts some warmth in the cold night air. We later cook some smores after we eat our hot dogs for dinner and oh man are those smores delicious.

We tell stories before we go to bed and some of those stories are scary but I stopped getting scared after I was 11years old. The first night you always get the best sleep. The next day we always like to set up a game of horseshoes and have a little fun, just relaxing. The kids and I always go explore the campgrounds because we’re not at the same one every year. I always feel like the leader because I am the oldest kid out of all of the ones that go camping with us.

After were done exploring we take a dip in the lake and call it a night. For the next couple days we always go hiking a little bit up in the mountains. I remember this one year we were hiking and I look up to my left and see a big black bear looked to weigh about 350 pounds. I was telling everyone to look and everybody got all freaked out but thankfully the bear wanted nothing to do with us and took off, from that day on we carry a gun with us every time we go hiking.

As the week ends I get pretty sad but I still try to have a blast. There is this one rock that is like 60ft tall located towards the side of the lake and I always swim out to it and jump off it, it’s pretty fun but the lake water is so freezing because it runs off of a glacier. As we say goodbye to the campgrounds I leave with sadness but I also have to remember the good things and the fun things that we did while we were there. I also have to remember one very important thing; I’ll be back next year.

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