Can a Recession Be Stopped?

4 April 2015
A research of the current economic situation in the U. S. and possible solutions.

A look at the current recession and how it could be avoided. This paper uses quotes and facts about historical U.S. recessions to discuss the current recession. It sheds light on why the U.S. headed towards the recession and describes in detail how it got into this recession and what needs to be done to get out of it.
“Talking about a recession on Wall Street is like telling your wife she has put on a little weight, it just shouldn’t be done. Although this holds truth, the topic has been difficult to avoid over the past six months. After nearly ten years of financial growth, many economists believe that the U.S. economy may be poised for a recession. While many want to point the finger at certain prominent citizens or political groups, a recession can’t be blamed on a single person or action. The most important question is what actions can be taken to avoid a recession. It could be difficult, but there are many different procedures that can be taken to keep our economy on the road of economic prosperity.”

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