Can Men and Women be friends We have asked ourselves for many years now. If men and women can really keep a healthy platonic relationship. For many of us the answer is no. There is and always will be a physical or emotional attraction between a man and a woman that will get in the way. Now days men and women Interact with each other In so many different ways that it is very diffcult to maintain a healthy platonic relationship between the two. It may tart out as just friends for the women but for men it rarely does.

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When men come across or even lay eyes on a female, he’s first thought is whether he would have sex with that girl or not. Its almost Ilke If It was reflex, For men the physical desire towards woman will always be there. If it not, then it will develop with an emotional feeling as time goes on. Most men tend to develop their attractions through proximity. On the other hand women say they can keep a very close platonic friendship with en but as time goes on and as they spend more time together, feelings will start to take over.

They will start to realize the similarities they have with each other, the interests they share, the differences they acknowledge, etc. , with them realizing all these things, they will start to develop an emotional and a physical attraction, as women tend to develop their attractions through Intimacy. It Is very complicated for men and women to be “just friends. ” Sexual feelings within a friendship exist and its very hard to ignore.

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