Can Reading e-books Instead of Printed Books Improve Learning?

1 January 2018

Nowadays people are interested in the modern technology such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops so, some individuals waste their times on these products, while others have a superior use of it. However, modern technology is used in learning environment. For example, teachers and students have e-book instead of printed book in their phones or laptops.

E-book is an electronic version of a traditional printed book while a printed book is basically a set of printed sheets of paper which are put together and encased in a protective cover. Reading e-books instead of printed books can improve learning because of their cost, ease, and storage.First, the e-books are cheaper than printed books. Similar to printed books people should pay a money when they want to buy e-books, but the cost between them is different. For instance, printed books’ average cost is 29.99 dollars and more because they need papers, ink, and printing machines.

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Can Reading e-books Instead of Printed Books Improve Learning?
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On the other hand, the cost of e-books is between 9.

99 to 12.99 dollars which are less than printed books or free sometimes. That is mean people can buy two or three e-books, which is more reading and more learning, instead of one printed book with the same amount of money.Second, e-books are easier than printed books.Finally, printed books are need more space than e-books to store them. E-books and printed books both are stored, but the e-books do not need a space to be stored because they are sorted in servers or devices. In contrast, the paper books need to place them in the storage room and use such space to stock them.

Also, you can easily have thousands of books in a small device and save a space at home. As a result, a student can carry out many books in his or her handbag anywhere.

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