Can This Bookstore Be Saved

8 August 2016

The internet has brought an end to most brick and mortar locations of book stores and have changed the ways that book publishers market and sell their books. Publishers had to change the way they allocate printed books as well as beginning to release books as apps in order to change the ways that books are sold and open up to a wider audience. Paper books would create a bigger profit but do not sell as well as e-books. Book stores either had to adapt to the change or ultimately meet their end. Book stores had to reach to selling e-books and e-readers in order to maintain their sales.

B&N as well as book publishers are changing their business model to deal with the internet and e-book technology by increasing the features which they offer to their clientele. They are constantly upgrading the r-readers they provide and increasing the functionality of their e-books. Also they are looking to cater to the college student for their text book needs. 3. Yes B&N’s new strategy will be successful. I feel that their new strategy will be successful because they are not appealing to more people especially college students that will repeatedly need to purchase or rent textbooks.

Can This Bookstore Be Saved Essay Example

As with new features they allow people to do more things even though some people may never use them the younger demographic would more than likely be drawn to those new features. 4. I feel that B&N and publishers should be giving people more of a preview of the books to stimulate more business. With e-books it is harder to just impulse buy one because you cannot hold the book in your hand and read a few pages to see if you have a true feel for the book.

The weaknesses  within Facebooks privacy policies and features are the fact they want you to share as much information as possible but they make your information openly readily available to anyone if you do not know how to go through all of Facebooks settings. They do not automatically protect your account and do not easily give you the information to do so. The factors that contribute to those weaknesses is the lack of information given to consumers, they do not tell you how your information will be used, the difficulty involved with updating how your information is shared and the fact they do not ask your permission for images.

The way in which Facebook currently conducts business I do not think they can have a successful business model without invading privacy. I feel like they make the most of their business exploiting people’s privacy and their lack of knowledge with how to change their privacy settings. The only way I feel that they can make it successful would be to educating the people that use facebook to take the proper measures to make sure their information is not shared without their approval.

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