Can We Prevent Racism??

9 September 2016

Disney Gordwin May 16, 2013 Academy Pre-AP English Mrs. Kirkland Debate Essay – Can We Prevent Racism?? “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle, and so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom, A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent”—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Such a powerful quote that speaks so much in so little words a yet, this quote tells a lot about our topic. Racism is a prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such beliefs of superiority.

Beliefs can change they are meant to be changed, molded, and formed into something new, a new way of thinking. Beliefs can also bring about or be opinions, but it all depends on if the faith is strong. The mind and heart have to be of one accord. No second guessing. It is stated that because of racism it is impossible for the race that is being treated poorly to neither grow nor embrace change, but that does not justify it nor make it right. Change is never embraced willingly; it takes effort to get it done. Racism has been brought about, twisted, molded, and formed by different methods, mindsets, and many other forms of change.

Can We Prevent Racism?? Essay Example

Barack Obama is a leader of change he deals with racism as we speak in the executive branch. He deals with the media turning and twisting and watching his every move, he is the 1st black president and with that come not only a level of responsibility and supplication but also a matter of dignity and pride for the African American race, and even though the president deals with racial prejudice in the political firm, Barack Obama will not be deterred form making change happen in this day and age and in this society. Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. another change agent, monument, and another believer with a strong faith in change. Martin also dealt with racism; in fact Martin was in the heart of it all, taking the average day to day verbal beatings from societies most cruel and crude. Racial prejudice was an ever living factor in Dr. King’s field of work. Martin wanted equality for all African American’s. He fought peacefully for the rights of the black communities. He did not look at the color of our skin, but the content of our character.

Martin believed in changing not just a mindset, not just a trait, not just a though, but a whole races perspective. King wanted segregation gone and racism dead at the feet of all of those who had been severely or even harshly hurt by it. Martin had faith. King was an activist and change icon for all the generations to come. Racism has been formed, molded, twisted, and convicted into different forms of change. Racism, racism and how it can be prevented. Racism can be prevented through change, by the educational system, no more labeling of stereotypes, and public awareness.

Alliteratively, the educational system is just one of the many ways to prevent racism. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”—MLK. The future generation of America depends on the children of the future. Schools must promote racial tolerance and awareness in order to teach the different aspects of the different races. The belief that we can prevent it by properly educating the youth in the school systems and communities, not only that but actually showing them how to properly treat people through manners and etiquette.

The prevention of racism through working with other cultures, races through foreign exchange trips is definitely a huge possibility. We can begin to get a better understanding of each other, along with the hardships that come with that knowledge or experience. The racial differences can decrease. Kids will generally mimic what they see and if they see the older generation treating everyone equally, this could prevent future racism. The education is a key way to reach the younger masses, and the learning process starts at home.

Parentage plays a key part in this. “We all want to believe that when youth enter classrooms, educators will nurture and teach them,” says Rita Kohli. She says that “this is not always the case; unfortunately, there are teachers who act irresponsibly with the authority and influence they have over the young minds. ” Rita Kohli, from San Jose University, has a strong belief in equality and is strongly against the concept of racism. Racism is not just a degrading way of insulting another human being; it is a topic that is most often overlooked by some.

Some people say that if everyone was blind racism would decline sharply but being blind cannot stop the hurt, the pain, nor can it blot out the light of a strong faith or belief. An article called the “Critical Race Reflections” describes a student’s experience with racism from one of their teachers. The student explained “it was my first day in Chemistry class in the 10th grade. The teacher, the first thing that came out of his mouth was…”Not many of you will be able to pass, because the trends are mostly,” the student says that she does not recall the rest but she does remember it being a racial remark. Interview, 2005) A student in her class also described another experience she had with racism she explains that her teacher asked a question and she was sentenced to the ESL room, and was told that because of her ethnicity she needed to take the ESL test in order to continue taking regular classes. Although this action was not as malicious as the previous example, this South Asian student as we were informed by the race reflections article tells us that the student was indeed subjected to racial assumptions. Written Narrative, 2005) Based on factors such as basic as appearance, faith, ethnicity, accent, or even color (whether that is eyes, skin, or hair) racism still continues it needs to be prevented in the workplace such as the education system. The teachers must be held responsible. Racism can’t and will not go unanswered. It is stated that “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. ”—MLK. Racism can be prevented if the everyday stereotypes of life were to decline or all together stop. Racism is a mind frame. The song “We Shall Overcome” spoke of minds being one.

It spoke of better times, better minds, and better days. Where do the seeds of racism and the general public’s tolerance for stereotyping people begin? Children are born, at least I am told by social scientists, with purity, with no predetermined hate of others. Therefore, one can conclude that children learn hatred, racism, and stereotyping, but the question still remains where do these seeds of hate begin, and what can we all do to stop them from growing into dried-up tumbleweeds? How can we prevent the racism of the races? Where is the love that should prosper between the cultures?

Stereotypes tend to start at a young age, from the younger masses picking at each other and calling each other out, developing more into the teen years of that child’s puberty. Teen peer pressure is a huge cause of stereotypes and one of the main sources known today. Children tend to look for outlets to express their feelings even a sense of wild rebellion. I worry that today’s children are not getting these seeds of morality properly planted within their beings. Today’s economy, in the United States, is so bad that both parents have to work just to make ends meet, which is causing many hildren to have to grow-up fast and raise themselves. Many children are not being given the daily lessons of morality and are not having their seeds of love and compassion fed nor taught or nurtured. In other words, today’s world is much too focused on the individual, when it should be more concerned with our children, for they are our future. If we do not teach our children that racism and stereotyping is unacceptable, then we have failed. If we can teach this equality, then they will retain a positive self-image and a positive image of people who look different than themselves.

However, racism can most definitely be prevented through the government. The government plays a huge part in not just everyday society but everyday life. Their word literally is law. The civil rights movement of the 1950’s through 1960’s was one of the major resources of racism and prejudice residing in the south. It spoke of harsh horrors and traumatic events. 1962 October 1st, James Meredith a black man enrolled in Mississippi University as the 1st black student to enroll there. 1963 April 16th, Birmingham city jail letter by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as released out into the public district circuit, this letter sparked the trials of a new era and marked the controversy of the African American masses. Martin Luther king was not the only one who faced racial preliminaries by the so called government, his mentor and inspiration, Mahatma Gandhi also fought against racism for the rights of the India society. He believed in gaining insight, balance, and equality through peaceful acts. The government can spread awareness through campaigns and multiracial programs and activities. They can give parades to celebrate the coming together of the masses.

The government can not only spread awareness but can also encourage companies and workplaces to have policies to adopt fair and equal work racial practices and employ all races. Also the government has always played a huge part in everything that society does, and plans to do. Government officials can enforce racial tolerance and help to keep the streets free of all dirt and crime on those prospects. Lawyers can fight for greater causes and pend on the right cases. Even the health care and other worldly features of America can help to prevent racism.

Racism is happening everywhere!!!! There are tons of different countries trying to work together to prevent this mindset, while others are helping to prolong it. We must fight those masses and destroy racism at the roots. In closing, racism can be prevented through all types of means. There are many factors of racism that we do need to seek to get rid of. We must fight off the leeches of society and hope for a better tomorrow. Martin Luther King stated that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”—MLK.

Society cannot continue to become nor be another statistic, we must all reach passed that hold and break those chains. Racism can and will be prevented by all means necessary. Racism can be prevented through change by the educational system, no more labeling of stereotypes, and public government awareness. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of controversy and challenge”—MLK. Work Cited Research Paper ([email protected] com), RACISM & STEREOTYPING: The Effects on Our Children on Our Future, http://www. tuscaroras. com/graydeer/pages/racism. tm Lopez, Lucia, Racism-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Racism Kohli, Rita, Breaking the cycle of racism in the classroom: critical race reflections from future teachers of color, www. google. com Kohli, Rita, Whose Standards are the Standards? , www. google. com Kohli, Rita, White Cultural Dominance in Schools, www. google. com Kohli, Rita, Critical Race Reflections, www. google. com Wikipedia, International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination, www. Wikipedia. com [email protected] com, racism & stereotyping, www. tuscaroras. com/graydeer/pages/racism. html

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