Can We Talk? Essay Sample

10 October 2017

In life there are many research workers that try to happen truth to what they are analyzing. Relationships are one of the most popular things to research. There are many different angles that have been covered over the old ages with how relationships map. How to foretell these types of research can be really misconstrued or have existent truth to what they might come up with. Many relationships that are researched are matrimonies. this will be researched till the terminal of clip. Marriages can be researched in a truth of subjects. largely how to better or repair the matrimonies. As I read the article “Can we talk? ” I feel as if the research that the writer was speaking about was true. Communication in a matrimony is critical and it has to go on. if it doesn’t so the relationship can non travel frontward. I can associate to this article. in my matrimony it is non ever good or even great.

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Marriage’s are invariably altering and demands to be worked on every twenty-four hours. I know in my matrimony I have to hold unfastened lines of communicating or things may non travel so good.

My married woman and I sometimes have communicating jobs and it becomes an all out war between us. My matrimony works better when we have communicating. when there isn’t as much it seems as if we are two different people. I believe in what this article is stating. because of what the writer is stating she researched. “In the ( research ) literature. every bit good as for my twosomes. communicating means you’re sharing and truly acquiring to cognize one another” ( Nara Schoenberg Chicago Tribune ) . I feel that when my married woman and I speak to each other we can hold a smoother life. The writer besides says to see talking together for 10 proceedingss and have a solid conversation with your partner or spouse. The writer besides states that the conversation should be about “self-disclosure. ” or sharing your private feelings. frights. uncertainties and perceptual experiences with your partner” ( Nara Schoenberg Chicago Tribune ) . I think it is really of import that self-disclosure is satisfaction in a relationship because it sets up the relationship for no surprises.

It makes all the information about the individual out and lets the other individual know what that single is all about. Behavior that makes your spouse feel loved. cared for or particular -plays a function in happy matrimonies and that work forces need it more than adult females. Affectional avowal can be every bit simple as a clinch. a thank you or purchasing a partner’s favourite nutrient. Men tend to prefer gestures of avowal over words. Orbuch says. Women tend to travel with verbal avowal ( Nara Schoenberg Chicago Tribune ) . This is true with my matrimony because this is precisely how it is in my house. I feel like I fit into this generalisation because everything that the research worker has brought to visible radiation I have agreed on what she has said. But that doesn’t mean that it is true for every individual. Research is generalized to specific people. but can be huffy to cover a batch of subjects that may be true and false. In this article I have agreed with what the research worker had to describe back. Marriage has to hold communicating in order to be able to travel frontward. If relationships don’t have a solid foundation I can fall apart and non be a successful one. I feel as if the research worker was on point with what their surveies showed. I have experienced many of these tests in my matrimony which leads me to believe this is truth.


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