Can you catch a Liar?

10 October 2018

Can you catch a Liar?Who Lies:A liar can lie but he or she will always show signs on their face. This subtle movement on the face is called Micro Expressions, Micro Expressions are facial expressions that flash on a person’s face for a fraction of a second and reveals the person’s true emotion. These small giveaways are important to spot because you can prevent yourself falling victim to fraud or help who to trust and not trust. There are many ways to spot a liar, nose touching is a subtle adjustment but when you lie, This is due to a rush of adrenaline to the capillaries in the nose, causing the nose to itch A liar’s voice is a good indicatiocatior because this gives away their speech patterns or what their tone of voice or even in its notconsistand and is very stuttery. He or she may suddenly start talking faster or their pitch of their voice may go higher or lower or how much information they put in their stories e.g “My mom is living in France, isn’t it nice there? Don’t you like the Eiffel tower? It’s so clean there.

” Too many details may tip you off to the person’s desperation to get you to believe in what they’re saying, or else they’ll have impulsive emotional and responses e.g quick sentences that have too many emotional transitions.The timing of their stories and duration of the story might be slightly off. This is either because the person had rehearsed their stories, or because the liar is wanting to fill the silence in the room. The reason for the lyer wanting to keep on speaking is because the silence is the interrogator not believing their story thus the lyer wanting more evidence eg more talking When someone is nodding the opposite direction to what is being said then this is can be a tell. This is called congruency. For example, a person can say that he did not commit a crime while nodding his head.

Can you catch a Liar? Essay Example

This is an easy unconsciously. Shaking their head to tell the truth. Unless he or she is well trained. A truthful person would nod in a agreement with their story but a truthful person would nod in support of his storyLiars can be slow and clear as well as having short answers, but not only short time answering their explanation, this is because of the rhersing their story. slow speech as well as pausing for a couple of seconds or more will tell you they’re lying because a truthful person does need time to recall memory but instead picks only the important parts as in what time or how long was the car ride or even if they did anything new, the highlights of their day can be ligitmant when hearing it but a liar, well a liar needs significantly more time to fabricate their story, not only to make up their story but they want lots of details eg. what time their car ride was what time they got out of the car what time they woke up or what the weather was in which they’d say 74F. They think the more information the better and if i want to say dates times details then I’ll get away with my lie.

Fortunately for the interrogator this is not common to interrogate some who know their day better than anything else and see learned tricks to catch the liar. Sudden body movements may also give straight forward answer depending on how much the individual is behaving, the individual may frequently agree to whatever you say, however, agreeing on what you say may presumably be a way to gain more time for what they have to say.some juries will give the accused person a less harsher punishment or not a accused guilty. The individual who’s lying may be bad at lying, however, their appearance does make a difference in being caught or being fooled for what they have to say on their past action to get away with something they’ve done bad or just want to make themselves better if that takes a lie or two.The polygraph:Scientists and the police had their first collaboration which was a machine called the polygraph, the polygraph was designed to spot someone “lying”. The team that was working on the invention thought it was made for lying, however, the machine was accidently built that the machine would spot someone’s emotion, specifically someone’s fears. Although this machine had great promise it failed because of detection of fear and was a flop.

The polygraph does detect fear so if A man had committed a crime and the police officers just know he’s guilty so they want to clarify his guiltiness so they want him to take a polygraph, however, he passes. Why, because he was not afraid to lie and thus the machine could not detect his fear making it seem like he was telling the truth. A prefentional liar make be so good at lying that the intereogat may not even suspect that they’re even lying For the psychopaths and the social path may lie to CautionThere are tips on how to spot a liar, however, the tips to spot a liar may be erroneous because a person’s distinction or how they speak or even how they look at you is not a one hundred percent a notified reason to assume that they’ve lied to you because you do not if they’re lying about anything due to many things e.g too much eye contact does not that they are nervous or coutiouse or fast and thinking alot about a story may not be their credibility but them thing in translation, so do not assume too quickly because you might not know the whole story.

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