Canada and World War II

4 April 2015
This paper studies the causes of WWII and Canada’s participation in the war.

This paper begins with an exploration of the various causes of WWII, focusing on the rapid increase in the strength and might of fascist leaders and on economic depression. The paper then turns to the participation of Canada in the war. It looks at Canada’s motivation to participate, at Prime Minister King’s policies and at specific battles in which Canadians were involved. The paper concludes with evaluations of the consequences of participation in the war for Canada.
Second World War was a horrible event, which destroyed an entire generation and robbed millions of their dreams and hopes. This primary cause of this war was the rapid rise in the power and might of fascist regimes in Italy, Russia and Germany. Along with fascist power, it was the economic conditions of various European nations that gave the likes of Hitler a chance to turn their dream of world domination into a reality. This paper studies various causes of the Second World War and shed lights on Canada’s participation in this war.

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